Sunday, June 2, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 02.06-09.06

Summer slowly creeps in and 'tis a season for festivals (unfortunately Krakow lost his big event - Selector moved to Warsaw). One needs to prepare for that events will be more intense and bigger yet the interlueds will get longer as well so there will be time to rest in between. Start to gather your strenghts. Green Zoo festival begins the festival season

02.06 Volume - Trzaska / Adam Pultz Melbye / Jorgensen at Alchemia
There's a small change in today's line-up, as Peter Friis Nielsen due to the illness had to cancel, Adam Pultz Melbye had to step in, a young musician who already played with Peter Brotzmann, Rudi Mahall and Trzaska among others. Good things are to be expected.

03.06 Piotr Orzechowski diploma recital at Opera Krakowska
Piotr Orzechowski has already stirred a bit the young polish jazz scene, a tremendous piano player and composer. 

04.06 Raman VPR and Babacool Foundation at Alchemia
For semething completety different reggae-rock-afrobeat band from the hear of Russia. You can't not be intrigued.

05-06.06 Sweet'n'Sour at Piec'ART
Among the daily concerts in Piec this week there are none free jazz sparks but Sweet'n'Sour concerts (Malgorzata Moskiewicz - voc; Roman Bardun - piano; Wojciech Szwugier) with classic soul and funk tunes (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Bill Withers) could prove a very anjoyable chill session.

06-09.06 Green Zoo Festival at Piekny Pies, KotKaroloa, Klub Re, Bomba na Placu, Rozrywki Trzy, Cafe Betel.
A festival of alternative music. Rich and varied program which I invite you to look at carefully. My personal reccomendation though goes undisputedly to DVA playing ad Klub Re on 06.06. You can check the festival website as well as the event's page on facebook. As for DVA I wrote some words about their last concert in Alchemia as well as presented few songs of theirs in the playlist avaiable here.

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