Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kraków Concerts Schedule 10-16.06

Krakow stays busy. Here are some events to fill your evening the next week.

(10.06 EDIT - I added two concerts I just found out about)

10.06 Alexander Markvart at Kawiarnia Naukowa
Russian multi-instrumentalist, according to the event descritpion, plays anything from and between radical improv, post-folk, minimal techo to noise and hardcore. (Thanks to Tomek Choloniewski for the news).

11.06 Noise Party at Malopolski Ogrod Sztuki (part of the Univeristy's Intermedia Department's Exhibition - Barbarzyncy).

The evening will include two concert performances under the direction of Marek Choloniewski including the legendary composition by Luigi Russolo for Intonarumori and a big ensemble performing a composition by Keir Neuringer "Dodging Bullets".

11.06 Vein at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
The Swiss trio returns to Krakow. You can check the interview I did with Michael Arbenz who plays the piano as well as some short summary of their two cds released so far.

12.06 Poleshift Project at Alchemia
Malwina Kolodziejczyk (tenor) and Kuba Wójcik (guitar) play both in the big Cracow Improvisers Orchestra, Poleshift is a chance to see them play in a smaller setting along Kuba Miarczynski (drums). Always intriguing to see new Cracow-based improvising groups. (no samples on the web for the group, I propose the big ensemble video).

13.06 Kuba Pluzek Quartet at Harris
A very strong modern jazz unit with Marek Pospieszalski (sax), Alan Wykpisz (bass) and Patryk Dobosz (drums). All of whom start to gather more and more attention outside of Krakow.

13.06 Quadro Susanna and Angela Gaber Trio at Alchemia
A very intriguing double-bill with two groups presenting a revitalized vision of folk music, proving that music of our ancestors doesn't have to sound old at all.

14.06 Natalie Loves You at Alchemia
For something completely different. And indie-pop (whatever that means?) with a lovely and charming. If this song doesn't make you smile I presume you're partially dead-ish.

15.06/16.06 Shockwavet at Piec'ART
A very energetic quartet led by the robust tenor sound of Slawek Pezda and cutting electric violin played by Dominika Rusinowska, with the potent rhythm section of two Cracovians Patryk Dobosz and Mike Parker. A youthfull vision of free, rock, jazz meeting together. (since there are no music samples on the web I propose another Cracow jazz quartet with Slawek Pezda)

16.06 Bester Quartet at Alchemia
Born from the Ashes of famed Cracow Klezmer Band, the first and for a long time only polish band in the Tzadik catalogue. An unique blend of chamber, jazz, avant-guard, etno and klezmer.

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