Sunday, June 23, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 24-30.06

This week is marked in a particular way, 28.06 starts the Jewish Culture Festival. Possibly the biggest Krakow annual event, that gathers thousands of people on the final feast of "Shalom" open air concert. Here are some suggestions on how to ease oneself onto the event-packed festival's schedule.

Krakow Jazz scene at Piec'ART
Piec'ART is a venue that focuses more and more on presenting young Krakow Jazz Scene, musicians connected to the jazz faculty of the Music Academy, among those many names already receiving wide attention, and more will follow.
This week of particulare interests are the two evenings with the adventurous Mateusz Gaweda Trio (24,25.06), as well as the quartet led by Dominika Rusinowska on violin (28.06), featuring very talented Szymon Zawadzki on the piano.

26.06 Miesnie at Piekny Pies
A theatrical-musical. Ethereal music, poetic lyrics and surreal performance. Unfortanetly target audience is sort-of limited to the polish speakers. But hey, if you don't speak polish it's never too late to start to learn.

28.06-07.07 Jewish Culture Festival
One of the biggest and richest annual culture events in Krakow. Performances, lectures, workshops, concerts that show the richness of both historical and modern sides of Jewish Culture. You're bound to find something for yourself.
Check the festival website:
28.06 Apples at "Marta" Boat - at Jewish Culture Festival
To start off your weekend partying with a blast - Apples is an Isreali band that sounds like updated JB's funky rhythm section. Weekend will feature enough theme-on dj parties to keep you moving throughout. While the Apples can get you going cooking like this:

29.06 Jerzy Malek Quartet at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
A stellar quartet with some of the most acknowledged musicians of the polish modern mainstream jazz scene. Along the leader's trumpet you have Piotr Wylezol on piano, Michal Baranski on bass and Arek Skolik on drums.

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