Sunday, July 21, 2013

Concert Schedule 21-28.07 / Tzadik Poznan Festiwal 2013

Warsaw Summer Jazz Days just ended, another, possibly even more intriguing series of events will occur next week in Poznan. Tzadik Festival presents new polish jewish music, for the jazz audience the centerpiece of the program is probably Uri Caine who'll play Wladyslaw Szpilman's music, but there will be also a chance to see new projects by Mikolaj Trzaska, Raphael Roginski, as well as the more rock-oriented Daktary, string quartet Samech with Koby Israelite or the exotic Me La Amargates Tu.

Tzadik Poznan Festiwal 2013 starts on 25.07 and lasts till 28.07. You can find more details on the festival's homepage.

Obviously, if you remain in (or you're visiting) Krakow, there is still enough live music to fill your evenings:

The last concerts of the Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami:
22.07 Vitold Rek i Jaroslaw Bester East West Wind
23.07 Jakub Płużek Band
24.07 Muniak/ Wyleżoł / Kowalewski Trio
25.07 Damiecka& Licak Quartet (Polska-Dania)

26.07 Bernard Maseli/Irek Głyk Duo 

24.07 Die Die Die at Piekny Pies
For something completely different, an indie rock band at Piekny Pies, who can resist the band's name?

27.07. Ida Zalewska sings Stevie, Ray, Billie at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
a soulfull jazz perfromances of classic songs by Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Billie Holliday, Ida will be supported by the young band featuring the talented Kuba Pluzek, Max Mucha and Grzegorz Maslowski

28.07 Matuesz Gaweda & Dawid Fortuna Experiment at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Piano and drums duo is a particularly intriguing concept. Matuesz and Dawid usually perform in a trio format, it'll be interesting to see where will their music go in a duo format.

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