Friday, July 26, 2013

Kostcirkeln - Innehåll: Musik [ILK Nusic]


Qarin Wikström - Vocal
Anders Provis - Drums
Jakob Falgren - Bass
Stephan Sieben - Guitar
Simon Toldam - Piano

It's been long time since the last review, and there's  plenty of music to catch upon, let's start with something "for something completely different". 

Kostcirkeln    is a peculiar group who chose a peculiar medium for their music "Innehall : Musik" (Content: Music) is a 2nd volume of planned EP trilogy, released in a form of a download code inside a precious matchstick box. 

"Innehall : Musik" is five tracks of pure, unadolescent joy spiced with a bit of crazy. Kostcirkeln juggles with conventions with a circus-like artistry and panache. It's like a constant battle with your inner child. It's a collage of dream pop, children play songs, slice of punk, rock, circus. A music of intense colours and surreal shapes.
You can listen and watch the video to the "Himmelgitarr" below so I'll skip the song. "Mycket battre planet" is my favourite of the lot. It starts softly with a whispering voice, resonant guitar gives you a sort of desert feeling (think Neil Young and "Dead Man" soundtrack). Somewhere in the middle a sudden piano changes completely the picture - a march like drumrroll, jumping piano notes, a hoppy female voice line and male choir to follow it. All creating a "Bolero"-like crescendo till the song explodes with punk guitar noise and screaming voice.
"Nu Du" nonetheless it's short runtime covers vast ground with rocking riff, funky synth, clapping beat, dadaistic lyrics and others. "Praha" joins the playfull vocal with obsessive guitar riff and a music-box tune, deribately out of tune just to add another level of abstract to the whole mix.

Kostcirkeln proposes a vision of pop music that reminds you of dozen of things but is unlike none of them really. Fun, refreshing, startling. A great example of "for semething completely different" kind of music.

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