Sunday, July 7, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 08-14.07

Only couple hours ago Shalom at Szeroka cupped the week of Jewish Culture festival - the biggest of its kind in the world (some writings about will be posted next week).
Krakow culture life never stops though. July is the month of Summer Jazz Festival, next week begins the intercultural Crossroads Festival etc..
Here are couple of suggestions for the next week.

Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica Pod Baranami
08.07 Adam Baldych & Pawel Kaczmarczyk duo
09.07 Adam Baldych - Up To Date
10.07 Adam Kawonczyk Quartet
11.07 Adam Pieronczyk Quartet
12.07 Travel Image play Joe Zawinul's music
13.07 Piotr Wylezol trio
14.07 High Definition

10.07 I Am Super Ape at Alchemia
For something different, an indie-rock group from Malmo, heavy, dense and energetic.

13.07 Jorgos Skolias fest. Antoni Skolias at Harris Piano Jazz Bar 
Jorgos Skolias is a singer who freely combines the spiritual ancient voice techniques, world music influences and blues feeling with sense of humour on stage. To play a concert as a singer, with just drums accompanimanet - that's a sign of artistic courage.

14.07 Olo Walicki Kaszebe at Alchemia (Crossroads Festival)
Olo Walicki married Kaszebe lyrics with post-rock, post-jazz ultra modern music, the first release of the project remains one of the most stunning examples of the modern polish folk culture. A must-see of the week.

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