Sunday, August 11, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 12.08-18.08

Summer continues overheating Krakow streets (although the weekend is deceivengly cool). There are less interesting events than usually but there are many other events to keep you busy.

I'd like to take the opportunity to visit 4 photo exhibitions, organized in Cracow by dotART association from Trieste. The pictures are really great, and, if you can't make the opening day of the exhibition you can check the pictures during next couple of weeks:
- Betel Klub (opening 7 August) [FB event:
- Pierwszy Lokal (opening 9 August) [FB event:]
- Alchemia (opening 11 August) [FB event:]
- Konfederacka 4 (opening 13 August) [FB event:]
You can check the best photso of the contest on the

12.08 Jazz Jam Session at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
A jam session with the club's regulars Bartek Prucnal, Kuba Pluzek, Max Mucha and Dawid Fortuna. Should make Monday much more enjoyable.

15.08 PeGaPoFo at  at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
PeGaPoFo is the name of the band created by the Krakow's finest Slawek Pezda, Mateusz Gaweda, Piotr Poludniak and Dawid Fortuna. The adeventurous quartet operates on the fringes of mainstream. Very good acoustic jazz, the name reminds of ScoLoHoFo project which is a good thing as well.

16.08 Pezda-Gaweda duo at Piec'ART
The sax - piano line-up gives those two musicians plenty of freedom, on fringes on classical music, mainstream jazz and focused free improvisation. You can expect some unexpected from Slawek Pezda and Mateusz Gaweda.

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