Sunday, August 4, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 5.08-11.08

The days are getting longer and out-of-proportion hot, citizens leave towns so the tourists could come in. In the midst of it all Krakow has still some live music you might live:

05.08 Wilda & Agu at Alchemia
A blues-folk-rock trio, led by Raffaele Marsullo. The poster says : sicilian rock'n'roll bots and polish virgin. The group will play songs made famous by Sinatra, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Oasis and I thinks it sounds quite promising.

07-08.08 Janusz Zdunek + Marienburg at Piec'ART
Janusz Zdunek is a trumpet player with quite famous polish rock group - Kult. Marienburg is his own project, instrumental music that draws on rock, jazz and folk music. The trumpet - electric bass - drums trio music is very melodic but also quite hypnotic - think of Cuong Vu electronic sound.

Weekend is sponsored by Coca-Cola who brings pop artists to Krakow for Coke Live Music Festival. (after Selector moved to Warsaw it remains the only big summer festival in the city). Not exactly the place for jazz music fans, but I won't say no if someone wants to give me a ticket for the Franz Ferdinand concert.

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