Sunday, January 12, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 13-19.01

There's a Murphy's law saying - if there are two good partys this week, they're most certainly happening at the same time in two different places. Somehow it happens to be right too often.

15-16.01 Slawek Pezda Trio at Piec'ART
Slawek Pezda is one of my favourite young musicians from Krakow, a tenor sax player with broad tone and free spirit (clearly inspired by Albert Ayler). His trio will feature Kuba Dworak on bass and Patryk Dobosz on drums (known from the High Definition quartet among other projects).

16.01 Trzaska / Rychlicki / Szpura at Bomba
Mikolaj Trzaska and Pawel Szpura are well known to any reader of the blog and follower of the free jazz music in Poland. Lukasz Rychlicki is a guitarist who made his impact on indie rock scene with the group Kristen but recently got interested in improvised music, and plays with Pawel Szpura in a duo project dedicated to Albert Ayler. Will the trio concert be an extension of this idea? We'll see.

All I wanted to say is #$%@#^! when I realised the one above collides with

16.01 Noel Akchote & Mikrokolektyw at Alchemia
Mikrokolektyw is a group that made it's impact on international scene thanks to their releases on Delmark label. It's without a doubt an intriguing and exciting band, one of the true ambassadors of modern polish jazz outside the country. It remains to be seen how much will Noel Akchote's guitar alter the duo's music. This element of surprise in fact makes this concert even more inviting.

Quite honestly I have a big headache and no idea which event to attend.

19.01 UL / KR at Klub RE
This duo made a splash on polish indie scene not even two years ago (my experise in the area is quite limited but so I'd read), toured extensively, recorded just a bit, and now, as suprisingly as they came to the scene, they're coming off it - concert in Krakow is part of a good-bye tour. Talk about intense life cycle of a rock group.

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