Sunday, January 26, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 27.01-02.02

Monday and Tuesday are obligatory presence for any serious improv fan in Krakow. Then a rock poetry for something completely different and you get the rest of the week off to listen to "Baby It's Cold Outside" and drink hot tea in the warm comfort of your chair.

27.01 Mats Gustafsson and Paal Nilssen-Love at Alchemia
The gutsy rebels among the avant-garde jazz. Both musicians musicians need no introduction. There will be some serious business happening on Alchemia's stage tomorrow evening. I found no duo videos on the web so the trio The Thing will have to do:

28.01 Muzykoterapia at Kawiarnia Naukowa (charity concert for the homeless shelter)
A gathering of musicians and video performers. Krakow improvisers scene, under the wings of indie labels Mathka and Audiotong will collect money for the homeless shelter. Whether you'll attend or not, the donations are welcomed all year long:
Przytulisko dla Bezdomnych Mężczyzn
UL. Skawińska 6, 31-066 Kraków
48 1240 4650 1111 0010 3951 1150
mail :
The entire list of performers is available on the event's facebook page. I believe the most incredible feature is that the the recordings will be released pracically on real-time, together with the covers created by the artists during the night.

one of the many memorable performance from the Muzykoterapia series:

28.01 Ensemble 56 at Dworek Bialopradnicki
Ensemble 56 are Rafal Mazur and Mieczyslaw Gorka white the third seat in the trio remains a spot of constant change - a conscious choice, a way of constant change and way of creating new musical interactions every tour. For this tour the trio is joined by Miro Toth on saxophone and they will play in:
27.01 - "Pardon, to tu", Warszawa
28.01 - "Dworek Białoprądnicki", Kraków 
29.01 - "Moskva Cafe", Oradea
30.01 - "Lumen", Budapeszt
31.01 - "Fuga", Bratysława
01.02 - "Tabacka", Koszyce.

29.01 Swietliki at Piekny Pies
Swietliki combine charismatic poetry with dark rock sound. The concert on the group did on 23.01 was sold-out so the band decided to do a second gig, if you did not cacht them, you have another chance. 

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