Sunday, April 27, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 28.03 - 03.05 / Katowice Jazz Art / Pardon To Tu Marathon

Spring has come and one feels its presence in the air and in the number of concerts happening around.
Below the list of suggestions for Krakow but interesting events will take place also in:
Katowice for the JazzArt Festival (the program includes Dave Douglas & Uric Caine duo, Ellery Eskelin & Dave Liebman Quartet, Anouar Brahem, Kronos Quartet our own Dominik Wania Trio and more).
Pardon To Tu (not really a surprise, the place has become the busiest free-jazz stage in Poland last few seasons). On 28th and 29th the place will hold a mini-festival for the Pop Up magazine (among the musicians Peter Evans and Rapahel Roginski). Between 04.05 and 07.05 the place will be visited by The Thing (2 nights), John Dilkeman and Switchback.

28.03 Sir Richard Bishop at Klub Re
It's not often you get to meet a member of upper class on stage. Sir Richard Bishop's music is for guitar lovers. Not the rock'n'roll, fusion kind of fireworks though. It's minimal, melancholic and focused on mood rather the fingers' speed.

28.03 Free The Dance at Alchemia
This edition of the series will feature dancers Malgorzata Haduch, Piotr Skalski and Iwona Olszowska (with silent solo dance) and musicians Tomek Choloniewski, Dominik Strycharski and Michal Dymny (solo).

29.03 Trzaska / Rychlicki / Szpura at Bomba
Rychlicki and Szpura started a duo project a while ago, a tribute to the music of Albert Ayler. The addition of Mikolaj Trzaska makes this project even more promising. Sparks will fly and ghosts will be called. The trio is also playing next day in Katowice during the JazzArt Festival.

29.03 Seeda at Alchemia
Straight from Iran and Mongolia, for the lovers of ethno music, exotic and ancient instruments and harmonic throat singing. For those who love to travel with music.

30.03 Jazz Day jam session at Harris
Apparently it's International Jazz Day and Harris' stage will get busy for a jam led by Krakow's own and talented Kuba Pluzek, Bartek Prucnal, Alan Wykpisz and Dawid Fortuna.

03.05 Pawel Kaczmarczyk Direcions in Music - Headhunter at Harris (Harris 17th Birthday Celebration)
The last of four concerts prepared by Pawel Kaczmarczyk to celebrate the birthday of Harris Piano Jazz Bar and the music of his heroes. And it's gonna get crazy funky with the such groove machines like "Chameleon". It's a Saturday Night fever.

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