Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Krakow Concert Schedule 16.07-20.07

The return to Krakow from Warsaw was tough (I'll try to gather my thoughts on 24th Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in a next post). The recurrent theme in Krakow for the next two weeks is still the Summer Jazz Festival, I don't see any favourites in the schedule this week though with one possilbe exception - final concert of international competition dedicated to Zbigniew Seifet might prove to be quite interesting, especially for fans of jazz violin.
There's one other thing going on though. Crossroads festival is focused on music with ethnic roots, yet not afraid to cross the cultural and geographic boundaries. A few very strong points in the schedule to see (make sure to check the entire program, what's below is just a selection).

the comments will be very skippy this time, enjoy the music videos.

16.07 Mosaik at Galicia Jewish Museum (part of Crossroads Festival)
first stop on the journey, quite appropriately - Poland.

17.07 Ernst Reijseger / Mola Sylla / Harmen Fraaje at Synagoga Tempel (part of Crossroads Festival)
classicaly trained european musicians (and fierce improvisers) meet traditional Senegal music. A must-see of the week.

18.07 Tegie Chlopy / Janusz Prusinowski Trio / Kapela Niwińskich at Stara Zajezdnia (part of the Crossroads Festival)
This year edition of the festival is tributed to Oskar Kolberg who dedicated his life to research the traditional music folklore of polish lands. The evening at Stara Zajezdnia will be focused on the music Kolberg helped to preserve. And this music is truly tripping.

19.07 Crossroads finale concert at Main Square
Open air concert that will last for a few hours, the travel will include stops in Madagascar and Nigeria.

19.07 Finale concert of Zbigniew Seifert International Jazz Competition at Manghha
I could only wish the music would be as passionate as the one below. We'll how much spark can the young jazz volinists generate.

20.07 Maria Pomianowska & Buba Kuyateh duo at Galicia Jewish Museum (part of Crosrroads Festival)
Poland meets Gambia.

20.07 Jorgos Skolios & Oles Brothers - Sefardix at Galicia Jewish Museum (part of Crossroads Festival)
And for the finale, an exploration of sephardic jewish tradition. A treat.

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