Saturday, February 25, 2012

High Definition at Piec'ART (23.02)

Piotr Orzechowski, Alan Wykpisz, Patryk Dobosz
There's something incredible happening around in the polish jazz scene. Young musicians with incredible skills sets, fantastic education, open mindset and no complexes. I have just written briefly about jam session at Literki and here's another clear chance to write about new polish jazz. I stumbled first on Piotr Orzechowski's name on Maciej Nowotny's polish-jazz blog. High Definition is a quartet led by Piotr and they play jazz that is clearly inspired by the classic sound of the 60', 70'  yet is unmistakenably modern - I think especially about hi-hat/rimshots drums'n'bass patterns played by Patryk Dobosz. They opened the night with Ana Maria by Wayne Shorter, there are strong echoes of Keith Jarret's american quartet in Orzechowski's playing and compositions - some blues, gospel echoes as well. Great rhythm section, fantastic composition's structure (no easy task to keep the audience's attention for 20 minutes pieces of music no matter what genre you play), fiery solos - it was all there. High Definition is clearly going to be at the top of polish jazz scene and they deserve as well international attention (the band won I prize in Jazz Hoeilaart last year, Orzechowski won the Grand Prix at Montreux as well). Let me keep the text short - the videos below should make up for the lack more description. Absolutely great concert from the band that only started what I hope will be a long and succesfull journey.

Piotr Orzechowski - piano
Mateusz Śliwa - saxophone
Alan Wykpisz - bass
Patryk Dobosz - drums

Piec'ART. Krakow. 23.02.2012

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