Monday, February 27, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio archives with Nina again :)

As said last week, no live program today because I'm at Waclaw Zimpel's concert in Klub Re. And I know that we already celebrated Nina Simone's birthday last week but it's no reason to not do it again - and we will do exactly so with archive program that aired originally last year on 21.02 (you can see the original playlist post). Lot of Nina Simone but also birthdays of Trevor Watts, David "Fathead" Newman, Herb Robertson and some material from then reviewed cd by John Wolf Brennan's Triangulation band. Hope you'll like it.

You can tune in to at 8pm CET or go directly below to the mixcloud player which will appear around the same time or even bit earlier.

Nina Simone
1. Nina Simone - Come Ye (Nina's birthday on 21.02)
2. Trevor Watts & Jamie Harris - Balladinine (Trevor's birthday on 26.02)
3. Andrzej Kurylewicz - I won't stay with You
4. John Wolf Brennan Triangulation - Inner and outer spaces (from "Whirligigs")
5. David Fathead Newman - Hard Times (Fathead's birthday on 24.02)
6. Nina Simone - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
7. Herb Robertson , Richard MEssbauer, Tom Sayerk - X-Rays
8. Nina Simone - Backlash Blues
9. John Wolf Brennan Triangulation - Relax-x 
(from "Whirligigs") 
10. Nina Simone - Revolution
11. David Fathead Newman (as a sideman to Hank Crawford) - Sister Sadie
12. John Wolf Brennan Triangulation - Space Bar 
(from "Whirligigs") 
13. Spontaneous Music Ensemble (Trevor Watts & John Stevens)  - Open Flower 1
14. Andrzej Kurylewicz Trio - Polish Pathways
15. Herb Robertson, Richard Messbauer, Tom Sayek - Last Man Out
16. Andrzej Kurylewicz - Rondo
17. Nina Simone - Buck 
18. Nina Simone - Black is the colour of my true love's hair
19. John Wolf Brennan Triangulation - Lalu Laby 
(from "Whirligigs")

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