Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with best of 2011 and else

Nina Simone
Over the last week I presented my votes for El Intruso Internationa Poll 2011. Which makes for great occasion to get back to some of the recordings I talked about. 
Plus a couple of birthday mentions (Nina Simone!). Tune in tomorrow (Monday) to at 8pm CET and join me on the facebook chat. Or, if you're late, tune in to the mixcloud player that will be uploaded soon after the program.
Enjoy the music!

1. Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley - Sleepin' Bee (Nancy's brithday on 20.02)
2. James Falzone Klang - Stomipin' At The Savoy (from Klang - "Other Doors")
3. ARTE Quartet plays Fred Frith - Red Rag (from "The Big Picutre")
4. Marcin Masecki Profesjonalizm - Polonez (from "Chopin Chopin Chopin")
5. Nina Simone - See Line Woman (Nina's birthday on 21.02)
6. Ken Vandermark Predella Group - Sieve of Soul (from "Strade d'Acqua")
7. Splatter - Sugar Bang (from "Scraffiti")
8. Reed Trio (Trzaska / Vandermark / Zimpel) - Crossroads and Cosmic Ray (from "The Last Train to the First Station")
9. ARTE Quartet plays Fred Frith - Song and Dance (from "The Big Picutre")
10. Splatter - The Far Side (from "Scraffiti")
11. James Falzone Klang - The Memories of You (from Klang - "Other Doors")
12. Reed Trio (Trzaska / Vandermark / Zimpel) - When Tulips Were Gold (from "The Last Train to the First Station")
13. Splatter - Low Thoughts (from "Scraffiti")
14. ARTE Quartet plays Fred Frith - Rosali's Song (from "The Big Picutre")
15. Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun (George Harrison's birthday on 24.02)
16. Ken Vandermark Predella Group - Blue Over Green (from "Strade d'Acqua")
17. Nina Simone - Do I Move You
18. Frank Sinatra - Something

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