Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chłopcy Kontra Basia at Kolanko (31.01)

I have written twice about this band's concerts around the same time last year (you can find it here and here) and it's great to see them back with both old and new material while the formula they propose (mixing folk-inspired lyrics and melodies with infectious jazzy grooves) remains fresh, spontaneous and entertaining as they prove that folk can be a vital form of expression, modern and authentic.

You can also check the old posts but I think this video material can tell you much more about this group.

a song in reflective mood:

and another one, rather playfull (especially if you can follow the lyrics):

If you want more, check the other YouTube videos  and tune in to the next radio playlist - I'll play some songs from their self-released unofficial EP.

Chłopcy Kontra Basia :

Barbara Derlak - voice, clarinet
Marcin Nenko - double bass
Tomasz Waldowski - percussion

Kolanko. Krakow. 31.01.2011

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