Monday, October 29, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio for All Saints 2012

Sam Rivers
The week-long 1st marathon of this year Krakow Autumn Jazz started yesterday with a bang (or with The Thing if you want to be more specific) so if you're in Krakow nevermind this post and come tonight and tomorrow and the night after that (and...) for the concert.
For all those who can't partecipate in those live events, tune in tonight at 8pm CET to (or listen via facebook) for the playlist with which I'd like to celebrate the life and memory of outstanding musicians that past away in the recent months:

Sam Rivers (September 25, 1923 – December 26, 2011)
Zbigniew Wegehaupt (August 9, 1954 - January 13, 2012)
Tomasz Szukalski  (January 8, 1947 - August 2, 2012)
Pete Cosey (October 9, 1943 – May 30, 2012)
John Tchicai (April 28, 1936 – October 8, 2012)
Borah Bergman (December 13, 1933 – October 18, 2012)
David S. Ware (November 7, 1949 – October 18, 2012)

R. I. P.

Sam Rivers Quartet - Beatrice
Sam Rivers Rivbea All-Star Orchestra - Beatrice
Zbigniew Wegehaupt Tota Quartet - From Angel
Zbigniew Wegehaupt Tota Quartet - Viga
Tomasz Stanko/ Tomasz Szukalski/ Dave Holland/ Edvard Vesala - First Song
SBB & Tomasz Szukalski - Tydzien z Szakalem
Akira Sakata - Wakare No Ipponsugi (with Pete Cosey)
John Tchicai/ Jonas Muller/ Nikolan Munch-Hansen/ Kresten Osgood - Angel Wing
John Tchicai/ Jonas Muller/ Nikolan Munch-Hansen/ Kresten Osgood - Dashiki Man
Borah Bergman Trio - Parallax
David S. Ware Quartet - Godspelized

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