Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jack Wright & Andrew Drury at Bomba (11.10); Ircha at High Synagouge (13.10) and JAzz Alchemist Radio comes back!!!

There have been two very intriguing concerts last few days I just want to mention.

First of all Jack Wright and Andrew Drury duo at Bomba (11.10). A very intriguing set, spontanous manifestations of peculiar sounds, minimal (basically one drum and objects + saxophone), surprising, slightly terrifying - kind of like a sound effect board for a horror movie. After all, how often do you see a drum played with a dustpan and some walnuts. Drury uses the drum as natural amplifier and to see him play is like to watch a mini theater of objects while you immagine metal things being crushed, clashed, scraped and torn apart. Wright's is a an underdground hero of free-jazz music, and he'll stay this way - he's playing challenges you with an array of unorthodox approaches and sonic experiments, risky and demanding.
The 2nd set was play in quartet with Krakow musicians - Michal Dymny (prepared guitar) and Aleksander Papierz (alto) and it was dense and finely balanced group improvisation.

Jack Wright - alto, soprano sax
Andrew Drury - drum and objects ; drums (2nd set)
Michal Dymny - guitar, objects (2nd set)
Aleksander Papierz - alto sax (2nd set)
Bomba. Krakow. 11.10.2012

The 2nd concert happened yesterda - Ircha Clarinet Qaurtet with Mikolaj Trzaska, Waclaw Zimpel, Pawel Szamburski and Michal Gorczynski performed beautifull as usual so I'll just re-direct you to another post where I've written about their concert. More to come soon - I'll write about their 2nd and 3rd cd.

Mikolaj Trzaska - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Waclaw Zimpel - clarinet, bass clarinet
Pawel Szamburski - clarinet, bass clarinet
Michal Gorczynski - clarinet, bass clarinet

Ircha Clarinet Quartet at High Synagogue. Krakow. 13.10.2012

Finally I want to invite you tomorrow (15.10) for the first live radio playlist this season. Wel'll focus on Andrew Drury's cd "A Momentary Lapse" and "Olbrzym and Kurdubel's "Six Philosphical Games".
As a special hitory feature - happy birthday to the self-proclaimed inventor of jazz Jelly Roll Morton!

Tune in to on 8pm CET and connect via facebook chat (user Jazzowy Alchemik).

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