Monday, October 22, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio with Dizzy and others

Tune in tonight to (or use the facebook player) at 8 pm CET. We'll listen through couple of lately reviewed cds as well as celebrate the anniversary of Dizzy Gillespie's birthday (21 Oct 1917).
Among the presented cds you can find some medium to big ensemble surprises of the year.
The multistylistic Eivind Opvik - Overseas IV, the wonderfully abstract Little Red Big Bang and the raw, jazz meal of  Ken Vandermark Resonance - What Country Is This?
1. Dizzy Gillespie - Swing Low Sweet Charriot
2. Litlle Red Big Bang - Why Do I Have to Care
3. The Thing - Awake Nu
4. Eivind Opsvik - Nineteen to the Dozen
5. Little Red Big Bang - Vonwohin
6. Dizzy Gillespie - He Beeped when he shoulda bopped
7. Eivind Opsvik - Michelle Marie
8. Dizzy Gillespie - Oh Lady Be Good
9. Lambert Hendricks & Ross - A Night in Tunisia
10. Little Red Big Bang - Weird Blues
11. Ken Vandermark Resonance - Open Window Theory (for Fred Anderson)
12. Eivind Opsvik - 1786
13. Little Red Big Bang - Will We Ever Meet Again

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