Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shock Wave at Literki (Improwizje series. 12.02)

Literki, thanks to the improwizje series, begins to confirm its position as the place for improvised music, one possibly more focused on presenting local musicians than Alchemia club. 
The end of the three-days mini-festival presented us with a concert by a young group Shock Wave, its members are very active on locas scene and I have a strong feeling they will soon mix up some national-wide attention (as far as jazz music can). 

This most recent generation of musicians take full advantage of academic education but doesn't follow the academic rules. They flirt willingly with free and experimental, while displaying a formiddable musicianship. Shock Wave is such a group. They start by destroing with punk energy a jazz standard, the music is filled with rock energy and punk attitude. Slawek Pezda's agressive tone and fluid solos merge greatly with the ankle-breaking drum'n'bass or rock patterns. The electric violin reinforces the rock aspects while the muscular bass keeps the music well anchored.
Somoe other musicians join the quartet for a jam in the second part of the night and things get even more interesting.
Those guys (and girl) has still a long way to go but their passion is inspiring and refreshing. The anarchy of their playing reminds you of The Thing (in fact they play one of the tunes the trio often performs), the highlight of the evening is the last track - simply and rhythmic riff base, somehow reminding me of the monumental marching Albert Ayler tunes. Quite epic.

Shock Wave: Dominika Rusinowska- el.vln.
Sławek Pezda- tenor sax
Thomas Kolarczyk- db
Patryk Dobosz- dr

Literki. Krakow. 12.02.13

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