Monday, February 25, 2013

Jazz Alchemist Radio 25.02.13 with VEIN, Ivo Perelman, Peter Brotzmann and Fred Katz

For this week radio playlist I propose to you something old and something new, on both side of the jazz stream. The tracklist represent:
- shorter, yet intense excerpts from the monster performance by Peter Brotzmann with Masahiko Sato and Takeo Moriyama released on the cd "Yatagarasu"

I also reinstated the "calendar" section and today's hero is Fred Katz, a premier jazz cello player. Fred Katz was born on 25.02.1919, you can enjoy an original piece of him with Chico Hamilton Quintet as well as fragments of a tribute cd recorded by Fred Lonberg-Holm.

Enjoy and stay tuned.
Ivo Perlman. 

VEIN - Summertime
VEIN - It Ain't Necessarily So
VEIN - There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' S
VEIN ft. David Liebman - Evolution
Ivo Perelman - Mystery in Sao Christovao
Ivo Perelman - The Sloth
Ivo Perelman - Living Jelly
Fred Katz with Chico Hamilton Quintet - Pluck It
Fred Lonberg-Holm Valeninte Trio - The Squimp
Fred Lonberg-Holm Valeninte Trio - The Vidiot
Fred Lonberg-Holm Valeninte Trio - I Know II (short version)
Peter Brotzmann, Masihoko Sato, Takeo Moriyama - Autumn Drizzle
Peter Brotzmann, Masihoko Sato, Takeo Moriyama - Frozen Whistle

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  1. When I’m looking for the latest country music, I always end up in one spot – 103.1 WIRK. I was even lucky enough to catch up with Keith Van Allen in the streets and got free ‘Rib Round Up’ tickets. Just one of the many events that keep me tuned into


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