Monday, December 6, 2010

and now for something completely different - Miąższ at Alchemia - 05.12

This post somehow doesn't belong here, it will be completely off surrounded by all the other posts about music that is mostly serious, though crazy ingredient could be considered a commond denominator. This post somehow doesn't belong in english profile of this blog also since the band I want to tell You about sings only in polish, and understanding the lyrics and their banters on stage is pretty much the most important part of the experience. Still I can't ignore the fact that I had a great time yesterday so here it goes...

Miazsz (can't even think of a way to explain how it should be pronounced) are Joanna on vocals, Sebastian on guitars (acoustic, electric, some harmonica and vocals also) and Krzysztof on double bass (some small percussion and moog synth in between). You will hear incredible mashed mixture of blues, folk lullabies, acoustic reggae, drunken wedding songs, pop, flamenco, bossa-nova, hawaian beach style, gypsy, african chants all spiced with the jazzy sound of french cabaret and hot club de france jazz (I guess that should, more or less, cover it). The band plays with careless, charming nonchalance, inspiring optimism and infectious positive vibe. And they can play all right, plus the diva on the stage can sing her ass off (damn good voice), so the music is already a lot of fun.

This is completely non-serious, full of irony, and good ole laugh. And the other part of the fun are lyrics - filled with non-sensical absurd lines, ridicoulous wordplays and surprsing rhymes (Lewis Carroll and Monty Python would be proud). This is probably the only band in the Universe that plays a lyrical ode to blue vacuum cleaner (and, make no mistake, the vacuum cleaner is on stage as they turn it off and on). Or at least the only one in the Universe that plays both the vacuum cleaner song and a Hawaian piece with a very dramatic part, about the morning dilemma - getting up and going to bathroom or staying in bed and trying to have more sleep (so-called impossible choice).

Add to that a reggae song sung in the middle of the audience (participating in singing the chorus) and african chant intro with some McFerrin bass vocal lines impressions and steel sort of drum made from a gas bottle (!). Or nearly sci-fi effects created by a mini-fan circling around the microphone. Or hair-dryer on stage. Or, the only cover of the night, ' 4'33" ' by John Cage performed on stage (although the tempo must have been off since it was cut short by 1 minute and the 3-part division wasn't executed well). Or (too many 'or' in this text) Emma on the back of the stage drawing a picture during the concert. Or the King Kong and Big Chicken (seriously!) in the audience. And many other 'or's like the drunken weeding corny song ("Shit and Onion"). At any given point, when the song could get serious enough, some crazy instinct make them stop and hit You with some surprise.

This was pure, unadulterated, unpretentious, fun, with all the form and 'no accent on the substance' (auto-ironic line about the state of art from one of the songs). Complete package of joy and warm vibe. Insanely positive and positively crazy.

You can check the band's myspace page, their should enter soon the studio to record their first cd and I can only hope that half ot their stage appeal will transfer onto the record. Miąższ are:
Joanna Ewa Zawłocka
Sebastian Pikula
Krzysztof Kolor Gadzało

Some excerpts from the concert in Alchemia will be played tonight on the radio as 'for something completely different' fragments! be sure to tune in :)

Paralaksa dla relaksa
a plandeka dla człowieka!



  2. A kto tak pięknie o nas napisał ?

  3. bartek "łysy" adamczak alias jazzowy alchemik :)


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