Monday, December 6, 2010

Jazzowy Alchemik at 8pm

Weird mix as usual, celebrating birthdays of Jason Stein, Steve Swell, Matthew Shipp, Tony, Williams, Juhanii Aaltonen but also, for something completely different, blues diva Big Mama Thornton, and, for something even more than completely different - some excerpts from the absolutely crazy and fun concert by Miazsz at Alchemia (see the previous post).

Tune in! :)

1. Cukunft - untitled (check the concert post from friday)
2. Locksmith Isidore - Crayons for Sammy (happy birthday for Jason Stein today! :)
3. Joey Baron, Steve Swell, Ellery Eskelin (happy birthday for Steve Swell today! :)
4. Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog (birthday 11th Dec)
5. Miazsz - "Tinktura" (check the concert post from yesterday) ("brackets" since I don't know the original titles so those are invented)
6. Matthew Shipp GoodandEvil Sessions - Brainwash (Matthew's birthday on 7th Dec)
7. Tony Williams - Tomorrow Afternoon (Tony's britdhay tomorrowm, on 12th Dec)
8. Contemporary Noise Sextet - New Machine on the Dance Floor (check the concert post from saturday)
9. Borah Borgman Trio - Parallax (Borah's birthday on 13th Dec)
10. Matthew Shipp - Pastoral Composure
11. Juhani Aaltonen Trio (with Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille) - Selflessness (Juhani's birthday on 12th Dec)
12. Big Mama Thornton - Baby Please Don't Go; Got My Mojo Working
13. Miazsz - "Poranny Dylemat"
14. Joey Baron, Steve Swell, Ellery Eskelin - Hutch
15. Miazsz - "Dym szkodzi dym"
16. Miąższ - "Niebieski Odkurzacz"

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