Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DVA in Alchemia (01.03); DVA - Hu

DVA is a duo band from czech. Just two persons but the way the play it seems there are at least three times these many people on stage, and possibly two different groups playing at the same time. With vocals, beatbox, guitars, saxophone and clarinet, variety of sound toys, voice and instrumental loops and samples they cross genres with careless grace. Immagined language, echoes of tango, child plays, folk, french cabaret, indie electro, scandinavian alternative rock (Sigur Ros, Mum) - absolutely captivating performance. In addition, for a couple of days before the concert I had listened continously to their latest release "Hu" and it's been an absolute pleasure - the band's songs are beautifully care-free, relaxing, joyfully childish, every one like a small box with full of surprises. Like small fairy tales. Stories of Neverland. Magically enchanting. So if you're looking for something completely different (not jazz) and especially if the aforementioned bands please your ears, I strongly recommend you give this band a listen. Give you inner child a treat (I did - got myself a vinyl :).

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