Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with DVA, Peter Brotzmann, Thomas Chapin and Ornette Coleman

Tune in tomorrow at 8pm CET to (the usual time and place) for some good music. We'll celebrate birthdays of Peter Brotzmann, Ornette Coleman and the unforgettable Thomas Chapin. Plus, for something completely different, couple of pieces from a czech band DVA that played recently in Krakow (a post about their concert and the latest cd will appear soon). Tune in, enjoy the music and catch me to chat on facebook.

1. Ornette Coleman Quartet - Humpty Dumpty (Ornette's birthday on 9.03)
2. Thomas Chapin Trio - Alphaville (Thomas as well born on 09.03)
3.  DVA - Tropikal Animal (post about their recent concert in Krakow will appear soon on the blog)
4. Peter Brotzmann & Jorg Fischer - Productive Cough (from "Live in Wiesbaden")
5. Ornette Coleman Quartet - Blues Connotations
6. DVA - Hap Hej
7. DVA - Tatanc
8. Thomas Chapin Trio - Lift
9. Peter Brotzmann & Jorg Fischer - Song for Fred (from "Live in Wiesbaden")
10.Thomas Chapin Trio - Anima
11. Peter Brotzmann - Lonely Woman
12. DVA - Uhuh
13. Thomas Chapin Trio + Brass - Golgotham
14. DVA - Tralala


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