Friday, March 9, 2012

Ehran Elish & Roy Campbell - Watching Cartoons with Eddie

Roy Campbell - trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet, flute, percussion
Ehran Elisha - drums, bells, temple blocks, gong, roto toms, percussion

OutNow Recordings 2011

Trumpet - drums duos are quite rare and can be incredible fun and so it this record. The title of the cd refers to Eddie Blackwell and the music remins one instantly the Blackwell's duos with Don Cherry. This is true spirit of jazz - immagination, honesty, adventure. There's a natural flow, something pure and simple about the way Roy and Ehran play.

The entire cd totals 9 tracks and is structured like a double LP as the tracklist is divided into four sides. There are echoes of New Orleans in the happy march theme of the title track. Silence and mystery of sound in the "For BD" dedicated to Bill Dixon. Echoes of Cherry'esque vision of world music in tribal drumming and strange ancient reed's sounds throughout the album. There's palpable joy of music, peace, harmony and balance. "Aesthetic Encounters, part one" evolves slowly with a steady rhythm and haunting trumpet melody, patient, never forced, never rushed while the second part of the encounter bursts with the variety of rhythms and entire palette of colours of the drums set - as the trumpet melody starts and continues soft and steady with a beautifull clear tone. Rhythm and melody, natural, primal like a wind or river's stream yet soft and gentle, yet not to be underestimated as it can show you its true power any second. 
In "Interlude, dude" the duo creates ad hoc a hypnotic theme that make you want to dance. Another two jazz giants are given tribute in the "The Dizzy Roach" with its quirky syncopations and boppish trumpet flights. There's a clear synergy between the musicians, both true masters of the instruments - Roy Campbell also surprises with some meditative flute intro to the "Faith Offers Free Refills", Ehran Elisha's simply making the drums sing, his attention to melodic details (without loosing the rhythmic drive) is astounding.

This is beautifull music,  you can hear two great musicians' talent and sensibility in full display. Nothing revolutionary but constantly inspiring and honest. Highly recommended.

(some tracks from the album will be played this monday in the radio program)

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