Monday, March 12, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with cds, concerts and birthdays :) many of them

Tune in today (Monday) at 8pm CET to for some great music. We'll have a go at the most recently reviewed duo album by Roy Campbell and Ehran Elisha. Get back to couple of concerts that took place recently (Nu Band) or will take place soon (Resonance!). And go back to some great recordings on the occasion of birthdays of Roy Haynes, Charles Lloyd, John Lindberg and Blue Mitchell. Tune in and enjoy (or just click 'play' below and check the playlist if the program has already aired).

1. Roy Haynes Quartet - Raoul (Roy's birthday on 13.03)
2. Ehran Elisha & Roy Campbell - Watching Cartoons with Eddie (from the "Watching Cartoons with Eddie")
3. Obara/Lindberg/Sorgen MaMuGe 3 - Forage (John Lindberg's birthday on 16.03; from "Three")
4. Charles Lloyd & Billy Higgins - Salaam Ahki (Charles' birthday on 15.03)
5. Nu Band - Lower EastSide Blues (great concert yesterday in Alchemia :)
6. Ehran Elisha & Roy Cambpell - Aesthetic Encounters, part two (from the "Watching Cartoons with Eddie")
7. Horace Silver - The Kicker (Blue Mitchell born on 13.03)
8. Roy Haynes Quartet - Long Wharf (Roy's birthday on 13.03)
9. Charles Lloyd & Billy Higgins - What is Man : Civilization
10. Obara / Lindberg / Sorgen MaMuGe 3 - T'wixt D and E (John Lindberg's birthday on 16.03; from "Three")
11. Ehran Elisha & Roy Campbell - Faith Offer Free Refills (from the "Watching Cartoons with Eddie")
12. Ken Vandermark Resonance Project - The Number 44 (Resonance back in Europe for a small tour, playing in Krakow in two days)

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