Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nu Band at Alchemia (11.03)

Joe Fonda
Nu Band played in Krakow couple of years back, also released on of their cd in Krakow-based Not Two label. This quartet celebrated last year its 10th anniversary it's great to see that those four still find enough gas in tank to tour, compose, play and enjoy it so much.

As written above -  they've been around as a quartet for more than a decade now so if you've been following the (free)jazz scene you should be pretty familiar with them. Fantastic musicianship, wild immagination and music that is rooted deeply in the jazz avant-guarde of the 60's, in the historical sax-trumpet-bass-drums format,. You can hear the blues foundation, you can tap your foot trying to follow quirky swinging syncopations of Lou Grassi's toms.

Mark Whitecage
Mark Whitecage is a musician of extreme originality when it comes to the melodic approach. His stomping tune "The Last of Beboppers" is one of the clear highlights of the evening. Roy Campbell seemed a bit distracted during the concert, constantly checking out the instrument, still he entertained with some gurgling noises worthy of a donald duck cartoon sound effects, hit the roof with couple of swinging solos and charmed with round and gentle tone of the flugelhorn. Meanwhile the rhythm section virtually steals the show whether it's their irresistible swing, passionate flamenco flavour, tricky, synchronised complex rhythm structures or colourfull shades of meditation. They can lay the groove thick and fat and Joe's solos (man this guy can walk the bass!) are pure and fun delight.

This band is always free, jazz and fun. If you don't know them - don't miss out anymore.

Nu Band

photos by Krzysztof Penarski

Nu Band:

Mark Whitecage - alto sax, clarinet
Roy Campbell - trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
Joe Fonda - double bass
Lou Grassi - drums, percussion

Alchemia. Krakow. 11.03.2012

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