Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cello in duos - Reverie Duo - Stagioni [Slam] / Anto Pett / Bart van Rosmalen - Playwork [Leo]

Two completely different duos with cello. Both worthy of recommendation:

Reverie Duo - Stagioni

Redi Hasa - violoncello
Valerio Daniele - acoutic guitar

SLAM Productions 2012

For something completely different a surprising release from SLAM records, a label that usually presents british improv scene. Instead here we have something simple, crystal clear and, well, incredibly enjoyable. A chamber duo of guitar and cello sound beatifull, the compositions are joyfully melodic, the sound light and bright. It's a collection of instrumental songs filled with the classical beauty of acoustic sound (the way the tones of arco cello and struck guitar chords corrispond is just perfect) and non genre-specific melodies. Simple, charming, mostly nostalgic, (although there are some more heated moments), beautifully played, precious. Just check the heartwarming melody of "Reverie" or "Frymemarrje", the gypsy passion of "Baci e Ferraglia", dramatic "Il Valzer dell'Arancio", the peacefull "Dodico Voci".
An incredibly refreshing music, a well needed rest for mind and body, uniqely inspiring. Enchanting. The kind of music, the kind of sound for which the word is one and simple - beauty.

the cd is featured in the playlist presented 10.09.12.

Anto Pett - piano and prepared piano
Bart van Rosmalen - cello


Leo Records 2012

Anto Pett and Bart van Rosmalen not only play (improvise) but are also working professionals in the theoritical field of the improvisation. And vice-versa, so to speak, I invite you to read the liner notes in which they explaing their conceptrion of the improvisation. Of "play" that becomes a "work" - a final, finished artistic act, and how, at one point, it's the "play" that takes over the performance, and the musician's task is just to surrender and follow it. But mostly I invite you to listen to the music they "playworked" which is registered on the cd.
Deep, searching, immaginative improvisations, fillled with passages of wild and harsh passion, of sheer virtuosity but also thoughtfull minimalism. And, as they say, the play can go in any way. Playfull (with the toy sounds of prepared piano and hand drumming on the cello, Playwork 1), dark and menacing (dense chord piano clouds in Playwork 2), mysterious and misty (metallic noises of Playwork 3). There's classical elegance and chamber beauty to the tone, avant-guarde harmonic, dynamic, timbral richness and the emotional immediacy of improvisation that comes from the passion of unknown, unusual, undiscovered and unpredictable. Being thus a perfect confirmation of their own words  - while improvising in life situations is looking for ways that "in the meantime, till the real thing arrives, will do", the musical improvisation has its start and end, its direction (however unpredictable) and, its performance acquires all the qualites (focused, cohesive, intentionall act of expression) of any other work of art.
A highly recommended to anyone interested in the kind of music where tradition of european classical music meets the avant-guarde in the act of on-the-spot creation.

the cd is featured in the playlist presented 10.09.12.

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