Monday, April 27, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 27.04-03.05

The marathon continues as we have still two more concerts in the Starzy i Mlodzi Jazz Festival, a must-see concert in Alchemia, little something for something completely different and Unesco's international jazz day

27.04 PeGaPoFo at Sztuka (Starzy i Mlodzi Festival)
28.04  N.S.I Quartet at Szutka (Starzy i Mlodzi Festival)
The presentation of young jazz scene, both bands already

28.04 Atomic at Alchemia
Amazing quintet from Scandinavia that combines the free spirit and respect for tradition, infinitely classy free jazz combo that has gone a long way since their early years.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 21.04 - 28.04

I'll cross the week line with this one but it's impossible to cut the list short of Monday and Tuesday concerts. Thanks to Starzy i Mlodzi czy Jazz w Krakowie and rugular activity be venues like Alchemia and Piec'ART we have a very busy days ahead of us.

21/22.04 Gorilla Mask at Piec'ART
Under this intriguing name hides a trio made by Peter Van Huffel on sax, Roland Fidezius on bass and Rudi Fischerlerner. The trio promises a free jazz, punk and metal mix.

7th Lublin Jazz Festival invitation

There's plenty of happening in Krakow this week due to the Starzy i Mlodzi Jazz Festival which will be covered on the blog in a more detailed way.

Before I pass to that I'd like to invite you as well to Lublin Jazz Festival, I have some very fond memories of it's edition few years back (documented on the blog as well). The festival has a very intriguing line-up including the dynamic scandinavian unit Atomic, the funkiest band I've ever seen live The Apples or Jazzpospolita playing the material from the masterpiece of polish jazz "Winobranie" by Zbigniew Namysłowski (who will appear himself as well).

more on the festival's website.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kraków Concert Schedule 13-19.04

Clear your schedules this week for those couple of events. A lot of good music is coming your way.

14.04 Daisy / Dickaty / Wojcinski Trio at Alchemia
I'm having very high hopes for this one. Tim Daisy has been one of the top drummers of the busy Chicago free jazz scene and has visited Alchemia plenty of times. Ray Dickaty is one of the strongholders of Warsaw improvising scene,a true activist of free music. Ksawery Wojcinski's lays the bass foundation like few others, Charles Gayle's bass player of choice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 07-12.04

Welcome back after Ester break, hope you're all ready for the spring to come (hopefully soon). The main event of the week is the Harris Piano Jazz Bar birthday nights but some other suggestions are present below

9/10/11.04 Pawel Kaczmarczyk Directions In Music - 18th Birthday celebration for Harris Piano Jazz Bar.

Harris Piano Jazz Bar has come of age. Kaczmarczyk's Directions In Music is a conceptual series of concerts in which the pianist pays tribute to some of the major figures in music history, each tribute features a different band usually with an acclaimed guest starring for the tributed hero.

9.04 Tribute to Thelonious Monk (with Radek Nowicki, Andrzej Swies and Jacek Kochan)
10.04 Tribute to Frank Sinatra (with Marcin Jajkiewicz on vocal, Tomasz Grzegorski, Andrzej Swies and Arek Skolik)
11.04 Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert (with Matusz Smoczynski, Vitold Rek and Krzysztof Dziedzic)

10.04 Stardust Memories at Alchemia
For Something Completely Different. The band that calls their music "space folk" or "dark country" which seems to capture their melancholic spirit quite well.

12/13.04 Jacques Kuba Seguin "Litania Project" at Piec'ART
Canadian trumpet player with a lyrical sound will led a quartet for two nights. The band merges modern jazz with european traditions.