This alphabetical list will be gradually expanded as the new reviews will appear. I want to congratulate and thank all those commited to creation, production and promotion of improvised music. Some of those labels are directed by the artists themselves, releasing one or two cds a year, others have an established position between jazzfans and publish a couple of dozens positions every year. 

Special gratitude to those that decided to support this blog with promo-releases making it a heaven lot easier to keep track of new records.
Ars Cameralis
Drip Audio

Entropy Stereo Recordings

Fenommedia on the blog

Fresh Sound Records
Fresh Sound Records on the blog

Futura et Marge Records
Futura et Marge on the blog

Kilogam Records
Leo Records on the blog

Kind of Blue Records
Kind of Blue on the blog

Leo Records


Multikulti Project


NoBusiness Records

Not Two

Porter Records