Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 26-31.05 + Film Music Festival (Update)

I skipped Monday, but without further delay I'd like to recommend you two events below for your musical reflection and entertainment this week. Enjoy.

(an important music event skipped my mind as I posted this first. Check out Film Music Festival's programme - you might find something to your liking).

27.05 Rishin Singh, Mateusz Węgrzyn and Konrad Gęca - Muzykoterapia series
Another installment of the Muzykoterapia concert series with three distinguished performers who operate in the field of impro, noise, electronica, audio performance, field recordings and all sorts of audio-video experiments. The performance will take place in Culture House at Mikolajska 2. Important Note - free entrance.

27-31.05 Krakow Film Music Festival
A treat for those who love movies and music and orchestras (mostly). The Festival will present among others, themes from Andrzej Wajda's movies (featuring Audiofeeling Trio), TV series and Video Games soundtracks and more. Check the details here: http://fmf.fm/

29.05 MLDVA at Cheder Cafe
MLDVA is a live act that will get you partying to the funkified far east rhythms. The evening is and introduction to the upcoming Krakow Jewish Festival and seems also like a great introduction to your weekend. Free entrance as well.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 16-24.05

I've skipped a week due to various circumstances, I hope you still caught some live music during the week. Either way, the following days will bring some extremely interesting concerts and I hope you won't miss them. The special recommendation goes to the two events in Alchemia.

16.05 Białoszewski with Mikrokolektyw and Patryk Zakrocki at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
17.05 Andruchowycz and Karbido at Klub Re (Milosz Festival)
Poetry and music are always a strange yet endearing couple. Two nights in a row, we'll see the two beautiful arts meet on the stage for what is bound to be an emotional evening (given how powerfull Bialoszewski's poetry is and how intense Andruchowycz's recitation can be). Both concerts are part of the Festival dedicated to the late Czeslaw Milosz.

18.05 Charles Gayle / Ksawery Wojcinski / Klaus Kugel at Alchemia
Whether he wants it or not, Charles Gayle is now among the living legends of free jazz. Charles Gayle speaks the Truth. His trio with Ksawery and Klaus is an absolute must-see. Also, the trio will promote their new cd fresh out on ForTune Records.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Krakow Concert Schedule 04-10.05

Long weekend was particularly short this year. Moreover there's no time to relax and this week schedule is basically overfilled with the great movie program of the Off Camera festival. Still there's always some worthy music to see.

06.05 D.R.A.G at Piec'ART
This is a quartet led by the violinist Dominika Rusinowska, featuring the talents of Matuesz Gaweda on piano, Jakub Mielcarek on bass, and Kuba Rusinowski on drums - a group that should bring some solid modern jazz to the stage.No videos available as for now but I've been told there'll soon be.

09.05. Nat Osborn Band in Alchemia
Soulful and funky style Straight from Brooklyn New York,. This concert seems like a great way to start Saturday night. Nat's tour band will feature Mike Parker, Damian Niewinski keeping the groove tight.