About Blog

I'm a fan of music since I can remember. Couple of years ago free-jazz became my favourite genre and this blog will focus on this part of my listening experience.

Blog will contain concert relations, cd reviews and internet radio playlists from "Jazzowy Alchemik" program I host. As much as I try it's impossible to keep track of all new releases, not to mention squeezing them into the budget, but I will try to post as much and as steadily as possible. I will generally not write about cds or concerts I not like so almost all of the posts will be positive. I won't dedicate my free time to write complaints.

It will be written in english since I feel there is no information about the ongoing jazz events in Krakow, or in other polish cities, that would be available for non-polish readers.

Writing about music is now complementary to talking about it which I've been doing for a couple years now, thanks to the Studenckie Radio Frycz (www.radiofrycz.pl) where I present my Jazzowy Alchemik playlist once a week.
I invite You to join me each Monday at 8 pm (CET). While the commentary in the program are done in polish, the short summary and the tracklists will be presented here on the blog. During the program I'm (usually) available on facebook and I'd love to chat with You.

If You like this blog, found the posts helpful in any way, please leave comments, if You don't like it, leave comments too, any feedback will be appreciated.

Blog is complementary to 'jazzowy alchemik' profile status updates on facebook. If You like it, please search the profile and add it to Your contacts, I'd love to chat, exchange musical oppinions and experiences. Facebook profile contains some short notes, usually about jazz birthdays or upcoming events.

This blog was created out of impulse to report about Barry Guy New Orchestra week in Krakow (more on that in the firsts posts).

Some texts written in Polish, or some polish adaptations of posts published here, will appear on impropozycja.blogspot.com.

Jazz photos presented (unless otherwise specified) are presented here with the kind permission of the author and my friend Krzysztof Penarski. Covers and un-signed photos were find on the web, if they are protected by copyrights, please write to me about it, so I could remove them from the blog.

jazzowy.alchemik at gmail com