Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coat Cooke & Rainer Wiens - High Wire [NOW Orchestra]

Coat Cooke - saxophones
Rainer Wiens - guitar + thumb piano

NOW Orchestra Records 2012

What comes to your mind when I say "Vancouver"? I'll bet it's not jazz and/or improvised music (it wasn't mine guess) but here's a chance to venture into Vancouver's jazz scene. NOW* Orchestra Records is a local label dedicated to the promotion of improvised music which gives us a glimpse of what's happening on Canada's West Coast (as far as creative music is concerned). 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ferrian's Nutimbre - Risk [dEN]

Ferrian's Nutimbre:
Stefano Ferrian - soprano / tenor saxophone
Luca Pissavini - double bass
Vito Emanuele Galante - trumpet
Simone Quatrana - piano
Fabrizio Carriero - drums

dEN records 2012

Italy has been for often a safe haven for jazz music, if it were not for the labels like Soul Note or Black Saint work of the many jazz innovators would be left undocumented. Ironically enough on this blog were recently reviewed albums recorded by italian groups but released by british Leo Records. It's time for the italian group, presented by an italian label and here where Ferrian's Nutimbre and dEN records label come to play with it's conceptually packaged cd(white paper sleeve with black leaflet that correctly inserted inside displays the band's name on the outer cover). Nevermind the packaging though, what is inside is kind of music that with its first notes lets you know: this is jazz. this is fun.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with solos and orchestras

In the last months a few reviews were concerned with the two possibile extremes of the musical statement - a solo recital and an orchestra concert.
That being said both orchestras as well as solo performers searched their own place on other bipolar "scale" of creative music - between jazz-rooted improvisation and the struggle for individual, "non-idiomatic" (or pluri-idiomatic) expression known as (for the lack of better term) free-improv. The playlist makes the four ends of the spectrum meet, hope you'll like it.

Steve Lacy; photo Guy Le Querrec
1. Piotr Orzechowski - Scherzo V (from "Pianohooligan")
2. Tomek Choloniewski - United (from "Un")
3. Paul Hubweber - Albartz Lark's Tongues (from "Loverman (Tombone Songs)")
4. Matthiaz Ziegler - Stop N' Go (from "La Rusna (Music for Flutes)")
5. Jeremiah Cymerman - Lateral Semicircular Canal (from "In Memory of the Labirynth System")
6. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - Burocratie (from "Live at Bimhuis")
7. Aardvark Jazz Orchestra - Sumner : a Biography in Jazz (from "Evocations")
8. Steve Lacy - Weal (from "Avignon and After")
9. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - His Composition (with Han Bennink) (from "Live at Bimhuis")
10. Tomek Choloniewski - Untitled (from "Un")
11. Paul Hubweber - Lover Man (from "Loverman (Tombone Songs)")
11. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - Imigratie Walk (from "Live at Bimhuis")
12. Matthiaz Ziegler - ContraBasics (from "La Rusna (Music for Flutes)")
13. Jeremiah Cymerman - Superior Canal (from "In Memory of the Labirynth System")

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ullmann/ Dahlgren/Thomas - BASSX3 - Transatlantic [Leo]

Gebhard Ullmann - bass clarinet and bass flute
Chris Dahlgren - double bass and objects
Clayton Thomas - double bass and objects

Leo Records 2012

It used to be usually the pride of any musician (vocalist) to get the highest note possible on the instrument, clear and crisp. The idea of assembling together three low-register instruments might not be revolting today but nevertheless it's not something you meet too often. Which is but one of the reasons BASSX3 project should attract your attention.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Edward Ricart Quartet - Ancon [Slam]

Herb Robertson - trumpet, little instruments
Jason Ajemian - bass
Andrew Barker - drums
Ed Ricart - guitar

SLAM Productions 2012

I've never heard before of Ed Ricart but the idea of the quartet with guitar and trumpet on the fron immediately caught my attention. And this particular quartet in equally immediate way reward the attention with the storming rock energy of "Celestial Mechanics" with its heavy riffs, dense grooves and refreshing spontaneity.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olbrzym i Kurdupel - Six Philosophical Games [Electric Eye]

Olbrzym i Kurdupel:
Tomek Gadecki - tenor saxophone
Marcin Bozek - bass guitar

Electric Eye Records 2012

The story is: the two musicians met at a jam session in polish Tri-City and there was supposed to be also a drummer on stage, but he didn't show up and the pair started playing and they continue to do so, a duo - Olbrzym ("giant") and Kurdupel ("shorty") is another example that polish jazz scene is well. "Six Philosphical Games" is their first longplaying cd (the EP "frrrr..." was released in 2009).

Monday, September 17, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio with Elifantree, Swedish Mobilia, Pink Freud and Viktor Toth

This time I'd like to present you four of the albums I've written about in the last few summer months. There's mix of energetic rock and melodic nu-jazz by Pink Freud "Horse and Power", the improvised heavy progressive rock by Swedish Mobilia "Knife, Fork and Spoon", the dynamic and energetic free bopping fun by Viktor Toth's Quartet from "Popping Bopping" and, last but not least, for something completely different, the undefined crazy and fun mixture of genres spiced with joyfull enthusiasm by Elifantree from "Time Out". Hope you'll like it.

1. Viktor Toth - Pocket-Ticket
2. Elifantre - Tic Toc
3. Pink Freud - Tickets, Buttons and Flyer
4. Swedish Mobilia - Knife Fork and Spoon
5. Viktor Toth - -39C Sunny / +29C Humid
6. Elifantree - The Eye
7. Swedish Mobilia - Pop-up Toaster
8. Viktor Toth - A Ballad for White Flowers
9. Elifantree - Puppet Show
10. Pink Freud - Pink Hot Loaded Guns
11. Swedish Mobilia - Moka
12. Swedish Mobilia - Preparation - 12 sec
13. Elifantree - How About a Little Love
14. Pink Freud - Zero Ending Story
15. Elifantree - Time Out

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theo Jorgensmann & Oles Brothers at Harris (15.09)

Bartlomiej, Theo and Marcin (from the right)
This trio has shares a special spot in my heart. Their concert at May 23rd 2006 in Alchemia was as I recall it my first direct, live contact with free music. It seemed to me at that time that fire was running through musicians veins and every note was driven by some kind of passion and I could see hunger and excitement in their eyes. All of those only partially are transferred into the cd recording "Alchemia" released some 2 tears later by acclaimed Hat Hut Records. And I was hooked, I wanted more of this hunger and excitement. I wanted to jump with excitation after every single note.

Friday, September 14, 2012

ImproGraphic at Alchemia (12.09)

Piotr Damasiewicz is a young polish trumpet player whose interest in music is to bring mathemathical methodical approach of some of the modern music toward the unpredictability of free jazz improvisation (for more of that, check his ambitious debut album "Hadrons").
Concert in Alchemia was a part of a short tour with his new quartet starring Gerad Lebik, Jakub Mielcarek and Gabriel Ferrandini, the tour is to result in a cd realese.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elifantree - Time Out [Eclipse Music]

Anni Elif Egecioglu - vocals, glockenspiel, cello and grand piano
Pauli Lyytinen - tenor saxophone, effects, synthesizer and toy piano
Tatu Ronkko - drums, percussive and aqua drum

Eclipse Music 2012

Elifantree was brought to Krakow for a concert by Opalinska & Whates for a double bill concert in Piec'ART on 24.08.12 (basically a week ago from writing this post) and I've been hooked with their music ever since (which is one week). Dynamic trio of voice , saxophone and drums (with occasionall piano, synth and glockenspiel) swept the stage with their energetic mix of I've lost count genres of music and captivated the fortunate few in the audience with contagious energy, sense of humour and ,well, just a hint of madness.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio - lyrical summer reminissances

It's still a couple of weeks till the radio's gates (a figure of speech) open again and I'll be able to meet live with through the web audio stream. Still, with all the great things coming up (Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival!) and so many fine cds reviewed during those summer months I decided to gather some of the music I've written about recently and had not yet have chance to present it and put it together for your pleasure and anjoyment. So here's the first program in which the focus is on lyrical and melancholy (summer's over which could be a reason for mourning but that only means that Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival is closer, so don't be too sad about it).

1. Mira Opalinska & Douglas Whates - Cinema Paradiso (from the "Lumiere")
2. Wislawa Szymborska / Tomasz Stanko - Metafizyka (from "Tutaj")
3. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Schodzac (from "Gajcy")
4. Anto Pett & Bart van Rosmalen - Playwork 1 (from "Playwork")
5. Reverie Duo - Reverie (from "Stagioni")
6. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Modlitwa na rzeczy (from "Gajcy")
7. Reverie Duo - Baci e Ferraglia (from "Stagioni")
8. Wislawa Szymborska / Tomasz Stanko - Nieczytanie (from "Tutaj")
9. Mira Opalinska & Douglas Whates - A Short Film About Love (from the "Lumiere")
10. 4tet - Different Song - Cafe Longtemps (from the "Step into the Future")
11. Adam Pieronczyk / Tomasz Gajcy - Czarne Okna (from "Gajcy")
12. Tomek Choloniewski - Unit (from "Un")
13. 4tet - Different Song - Water Lily (from the "Step into the Future")
14. Theo Jorgensmann & Oles Brothers - Per Rata
15. Reverie Duo - Il Resto delle Cose (from "Stagioni")

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Opalniska & Whates - Lumiere [Natural Studio]

Mira Opalinska - piano
Douglas Whates - bass

Natural Studio Records  2012

I've had recently a chance to see the duo play in Krakow and it was a beautifull evening (thank you to Opalinska & Whates and Elifantree about which in the next post in a couple of days). While during the concert the duo played as well their own compositions the "Lumiere" cd presents exclusively their readings of film music.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Swedish Mobilia - Knife, Fork and Spoon [Leo Records]

Swedish Mobilia:
Andrea Bolzoni - guitar + live electronics
Dario Miranda - bass + live electronics
Daniele Frati - drums + percussions

Leo Records 2012

It's a funny world where to get to know what's going on with Italian jazz scene one need to follow a british label but so it seems to me recently. I've had a distinct pleasure of writing about

Apart from my personal interest in Italy (I'm an almost pd in italian philology) what caught my interest about the cd is the band's name and cd's title. Swedish Mobilia? Knife, fork and spoon? Just for this kind of "and now for something completely different" you've got to get some credit. But there's much more to give the credit for.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Krakow Autumn Jazz 2012 Festival Program - November and December

As promised here's the latter half of the program. First day will finish a 5-day long marathon. And there's another residency at Alchemia with Barry Guy New Orchestra - 3 nights in Alchemia and one in Manggha (which will coincide with the release date of the Not Two documenting their first run in Krakow on 2010 Festival which, incidentally, was the very moment that this blog was born). The Festival will end after two months with classic eropean trio The Ames Room, almost exactly 2 months after it's beginning. This is going to be a great autumn, don't you think?


Thursday 01.11.2012. MANGGHA
Ken Vandermark (USA) tenor sax, clarinets
Kent Kessler (USA) bass
Hamid Drake (USA) drums, percussion

Wacław Zimpel (Poland) clarinet, bass clarinet
 Posteremczak (Poland) soprano and tenor saxes
 Wójciński (Poland) double bass
 Szpura (Poland) drums
Rafael Rogiński (Poland) guitar
Maciej Cierliński (Poland) hurdy-gurdy
Hamid Drake (USA) drums, percussion

Niedziela 04.11.2012. Literki godz.20:00
Film presentation
Musician (Ken Vandermark)
reż. Daniel Kraus (60 min.)

Monday 05.11.2012. Barka godz.20:00

Thursday 12.11.2012. Literki godz.20:00
Film presentation
Soldier Of The Road (Brotzmann)
Reż. Bernard Josse (90 min)

Czwartek 15.11.2012. Literki godz.20:00

Niedziela 17.11.2012. Kino Agrafka godz.20:15
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet + goście:
screening of the concert registered during the Music Unlimited 2011 in Wels.
Dir.Pavel Borodin  (Germany/Austria 2012, 105 min.)

Tuesday till Friday 20 – 23.11.2012. (20-22) ALCHEMIA
Barry Guy (Anglia) bass, composer, director
Agusti Fernandez (Hiszpania) piano
Evan Parker (Anglia) tenor & soprano saxes
Mats Gustafsson (Szwecja) baritone & tenor saxes, fluteophone
Hans Koch (Szwajcaria) tenor & soprano saxes, clarinets
Herb Robertson (USA) trumpet
Johannes Bauer (Niemcy) trombone
Per Åke Holmlander (Szwecja) tuba
Paul Lytton (Anglia) percussion
Raymond Strid (Szwecja) percussion
Maya Homburger (Szwajcaria) baroque violin
Trevor Watts (Anglia) alto sax

Wednesday 28.11.2012. Barka
Dave Rempis (USA) saxes
Wacław Zimpel( Polska) clarinet
Wojtek Traczyk (Polska) bass
Paweł Szpura (Polska) drums

Thursday 29.11.2012. ALCHEMIA
Johannes Bauer (Niemcy) trombone
Luc Ex (Holandia) guitar
Isabelle Duthoit (Francja) clarinet, voice

Sunday 02.12.2012. ALCHEMIA
 Guthrie (Australia) drums
 Thomas (Australia) double bass 
 Guionnet (Francja) alto sax

Monday, September 3, 2012

Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival Program 2012 - October

 I've proudly announced couple of weeks back that this blog will be the official english-language site of the upcoming Krakow Autumn Jazz 2012 Festival. The festival starts in one month and there's plenty of music to wait for. Below you can find the first part of the program (October). The second half will be posted in a few days along with other materials that will show up here steadily. A slow start of the month will be more than mada up with the strong finish - a series of concerts in the last 4 days of the month. Hope to see you in Krakow soon! I honestly can't wait for these :

Wednesday 03.10.2012. ALCHEMIA
Peter Brötzmann (Niemcy) reeds
Sebastian Smolyn (Szwajcaria) electronic trombone
Artur Smolyn (Szwajcaria) electronics
Oliver Steidle (Niemcy) drums

Tuesday 09.10.2012. ALCHEMIA
Mikolaj Trzaska solo
Mikola Trzaska (Poland) - alto sax

Thursday 18.10.2012. ALCHEMIA
Martin Küchen (Niemcy) saxes
Mats Áleklint (Norwegia) trombone
Thomas Johansson (Norwegia) trumpet
Jon Rune Strøm (Norwegia) bass
Tollef Østvang   (Norwegia) drums

Sunday 21.10.2012. Literki godz.20:00
TRC (Gadecki/Mazur/Murray)

Thursday 25.10.2012. Barka
Viktor Toth (Węgry) saxes
Clayton Thomas (Australia) bass
Macio Moretti (Polska) drums

Sunday 28.10.2012. ALCHEMIA
Mats Gustafsson (Szwecja) saxes
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Norwegia) bass
Paal Nilssen-Love (Norwegia) drums

Sunday 28.10.2012. ALCHEMIA 

Opening of the Mark Wajda's Exhibition

Monday 29.10.2012. ALCHEMIA
Zlatko Kaučič (Słowenia) drums, percussion

Artur Majewski (Polska) trumpet, electronics
Kuba Suchar (Polska) drums, percussion, electronics
Małgorzana Hajduk (Polska) dance

Tuesday 30.10.2012. Barka

Contemporary Music Agenda 2012

International conference and discussion panel

led by: Laurence Donohue-Greene – All About Jazz NYC (USA)

Tuesday 30.10.2012. ALCHEMIA

Tim Daisy (USA) drums, percussion

Tim Daisy (USA) drums, percussion
Paulina Owczarek (PL) baritone sax
Mark Tokar (UA) bass

Wednesday 31.10.2012. MANGGHA
Peter Brötzmann (Niemcy) reeds
Joe McPhee (USA) alto sax, pocket trumpet
Kent Kessler (USA) bass
Michel Zerang (USA) drums, percussion

Peter Brötzmann (Niemcy) reeds
Korhan Futacı (Turcja) saxes
Umut Çağlar (Turcja) guitars, electronics
Özün Usta (Turcja) drums, percussion
Korhan Argüden (Turcja) drums