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"Jazzowy Alchemik" radio program was born not so long ago in the "Alchemia" club, when the 'spirit-movens' of the place in the era - Anna "Czarna" Adamska was approached by the 'spirit-movens' of Student's Radio Frycz - Marcin Mucha. After that it was only matter of time before I, being a student who would show up at almost any jazz gig in Alchemia, was approached by Anna with the idea of making a "jazz program" in the Radio Frycz, to which I agreed immediately, since (and I don't believe in coincidence in this case) I was thinking about this time whether I could find some place to share the passion for jazz music with the others.

Thus began the great adventure of 2-hours musical voyages made together with some friends that would be the first listeners. And I wish I could say that the audience grew constantly bigger until it reached unimaginable levels, but, truth be said, we pretty much stayed a cozy little group, but those moments when someone new would join us and gave the 'thumbs up' would be so satisfying that I didn't really mind remaining underground and niche. Still I invite You warmly to join us :), it's not so bad down here.

The voyages include
Fragments of music from new cds I would like to recommend to You
Fragments of music from cds that are new to me
Fragments of music alluding to the live events that just happened
Fragments of music alluding to the live events that will happen soon
Fragments of music referring to birthdays of musicians we all love, some of them gone already, some still among us. Anything from classic swing to raging avant-garde, soft ballads, sweet melodies and powerhouse riffs and energy that brings down the house
And Now For Something Completely Different Fragments of music that don't really fit any jazz type or any of the above category, but I still enjoy listening to it could be alternative rock, could be classic rock, soul, funk, indie electronica or some musical jokes and curiosities. (first program had a selection of Monthy Python' Musical songs)
And other fragments.

During those voyages active listeners can be awarded with invitations to Alchemia concerts, and maybe other awards will be available too.
Most of the cases program is done live, with me being available on facebook chat. So, if you have facebook account, please add jazzowy alchemik to your contacts there : jazzowy alchemik facebook profile

Thanks for reading
Yours truly
Jazz Alchemist

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