Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Elifantree - Time Out [Eclipse Music]

Anni Elif Egecioglu - vocals, glockenspiel, cello and grand piano
Pauli Lyytinen - tenor saxophone, effects, synthesizer and toy piano
Tatu Ronkko - drums, percussive and aqua drum

Eclipse Music 2012

Elifantree was brought to Krakow for a concert by Opalinska & Whates for a double bill concert in Piec'ART on 24.08.12 (basically a week ago from writing this post) and I've been hooked with their music ever since (which is one week). Dynamic trio of voice , saxophone and drums (with occasionall piano, synth and glockenspiel) swept the stage with their energetic mix of I've lost count genres of music and captivated the fortunate few in the audience with contagious energy, sense of humour and ,well, just a hint of madness.

"Time Out" is their second cd and you'll find here songs driven by steady drum beats, honking saxophone grooves topped by wonderfully charming vocals by Anni Elif who seems to be a mastermind (being responsible for all the lyrics on the album as well as having composed or co-composed all the music). In fact just her presence on stage, as she dances, laughs and screams is enough reason to be there. On the cd she gives the signal to start "Tic Toc" song with a short shout, a groovy song with saxohophone playing a slaptongued riff that is rooted in r'n'b but spiced with punk attitude, all that energized with some tricky half tribal / half broken beats on the drums and joyfully completed with the toy sound of glockenspiel. "That Girl" follows beginning misty and mysterious like islandic fjords but develops into catchy tune.
I admit I had my doubts about "Where's Your Courage" because of its slightly cheesy synth chords in the verse but than I got to love the retro sound of the synth in the groovy bridge and especially enjoy the whole weird mix once the band kicks into trancy electro groove worthy of rave party. Melodic "The Eye" (as well as, to less extent,  surreal "She's changed" and "Waiting" that follow it) makes me think of sophisticated melodies by Tori Amos (in fact Anni's voice shares a lot of qualities with those or Tori or Kate Bush - lightly coloured, crystal clear, huge scale, dynamic and expressive). "Puppet Show" is another rhythmic and joyfull ride and so is wonderfully danceable "How About Your Love" with its soulfull harmonies and r'n'b groove (with the glockenspiel again on the top and various percussion sounds it sounds like chilndren's play, pure fun). Cd ends with the title track, a lullaby with Anni on piano and choir arrangament, delicate and soothing (Kate Bush and Tori Amos once again).
I'm not sure how to call this music, rock, jazz, pop? There's all of it inside and more (add punk, noise, free, folk). All I know is this that this music is energizing, refreshing, constantly surprising and I can't get it out of my head. Brilliant. Even more so when heard live as that's when this crazy band becomes really freaky.

some tracks are available on this playlist
Here's also  Tic Toc:

and "Missa Inte Bussen" (my favourite of their first cd "Love & Trees" which comes equally recommended)

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