Monday, September 24, 2012

Jazz Alchemist radio with solos and orchestras

In the last months a few reviews were concerned with the two possibile extremes of the musical statement - a solo recital and an orchestra concert.
That being said both orchestras as well as solo performers searched their own place on other bipolar "scale" of creative music - between jazz-rooted improvisation and the struggle for individual, "non-idiomatic" (or pluri-idiomatic) expression known as (for the lack of better term) free-improv. The playlist makes the four ends of the spectrum meet, hope you'll like it.

Steve Lacy; photo Guy Le Querrec
1. Piotr Orzechowski - Scherzo V (from "Pianohooligan")
2. Tomek Choloniewski - United (from "Un")
3. Paul Hubweber - Albartz Lark's Tongues (from "Loverman (Tombone Songs)")
4. Matthiaz Ziegler - Stop N' Go (from "La Rusna (Music for Flutes)")
5. Jeremiah Cymerman - Lateral Semicircular Canal (from "In Memory of the Labirynth System")
6. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - Burocratie (from "Live at Bimhuis")
7. Aardvark Jazz Orchestra - Sumner : a Biography in Jazz (from "Evocations")
8. Steve Lacy - Weal (from "Avignon and After")
9. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - His Composition (with Han Bennink) (from "Live at Bimhuis")
10. Tomek Choloniewski - Untitled (from "Un")
11. Paul Hubweber - Lover Man (from "Loverman (Tombone Songs)")
11. Royal Improvisers Orchestra - Imigratie Walk (from "Live at Bimhuis")
12. Matthiaz Ziegler - ContraBasics (from "La Rusna (Music for Flutes)")
13. Jeremiah Cymerman - Superior Canal (from "In Memory of the Labirynth System")

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