Monday, September 17, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio with Elifantree, Swedish Mobilia, Pink Freud and Viktor Toth

This time I'd like to present you four of the albums I've written about in the last few summer months. There's mix of energetic rock and melodic nu-jazz by Pink Freud "Horse and Power", the improvised heavy progressive rock by Swedish Mobilia "Knife, Fork and Spoon", the dynamic and energetic free bopping fun by Viktor Toth's Quartet from "Popping Bopping" and, last but not least, for something completely different, the undefined crazy and fun mixture of genres spiced with joyfull enthusiasm by Elifantree from "Time Out". Hope you'll like it.

1. Viktor Toth - Pocket-Ticket
2. Elifantre - Tic Toc
3. Pink Freud - Tickets, Buttons and Flyer
4. Swedish Mobilia - Knife Fork and Spoon
5. Viktor Toth - -39C Sunny / +29C Humid
6. Elifantree - The Eye
7. Swedish Mobilia - Pop-up Toaster
8. Viktor Toth - A Ballad for White Flowers
9. Elifantree - Puppet Show
10. Pink Freud - Pink Hot Loaded Guns
11. Swedish Mobilia - Moka
12. Swedish Mobilia - Preparation - 12 sec
13. Elifantree - How About a Little Love
14. Pink Freud - Zero Ending Story
15. Elifantree - Time Out

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