Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vacation's over, back to work (on the blog) :)

Recent lack of activity on the blog was due to the vacation's time (turned out time you don't get too much free time on your free time) is over and posts will be again flowing on the blog since tomorrow. 
I had two great fridays during that period (not that other days weren't great, but, musically speaking).
On 24.08 (accidentally, my  birthday - thank you all for the b-day wishes received via chats, facebooks and else) I've seen a double-billed concert in Piec'ART with Opalinska & Whates duo (atmospheric piano & bass program) and for-something-completely-different Elifantree from Helsinki (I'm hooked, have listened to their cd all week long). I will write about both projects and their recent cds soon so let me just say that the concert was great. Cherry-on-the-top of the evening, after two great, totally different performances, is the finale where both bands unite for collective improvisation that flowed effortlessly between silence, abstract sounds, energetic crescendos and idyllic melodies. Brilliant.
Yesterday instead I had a pleasure to see Cracow Improvisers Orchestra playing three conducted improvisations and the performance was a prove strong enough that local scene is growing stronger and stronger. Filled with structure games, orchestra divided into counter-units, between pure abstract as much as steady rock beat, free jazz bass riff, funky drive (wah-wah guitar and fat stomp on the bass-drume pedal), modern, post-modern. Each piece is directed by a different member of the orchestra and each bears its individual stamp. The last one has the highly enjoyable loose late-night jazz jam feel, a foggy city sort of jazz .The concert took place in the old industrial building on Skladowa 22, where the band usually has its practises. Free entrance. Event will probably become cyclical so be sure to catch next time (best way not to miss it - follow the events on facebook). 
It's great to be back :) 

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