Sunday, September 16, 2012

Theo Jorgensmann & Oles Brothers at Harris (15.09)

Bartlomiej, Theo and Marcin (from the right)
This trio has shares a special spot in my heart. Their concert at May 23rd 2006 in Alchemia was as I recall it my first direct, live contact with free music. It seemed to me at that time that fire was running through musicians veins and every note was driven by some kind of passion and I could see hunger and excitement in their eyes. All of those only partially are transferred into the cd recording "Alchemia" released some 2 tears later by acclaimed Hat Hut Records. And I was hooked, I wanted more of this hunger and excitement. I wanted to jump with excitation after every single note.

The concert in Harris was supposed to be accompanied by a new release the trio (first since the aforementioned "Alchemia") but the audience will have to wait at least for another month for that. The band presented new material and it's a collection of the usual high-class, carefully penned material, featuring some rhytmically tricky themes as a jump point for the solo improvisations and intricant melodies. The rhythm section is its usual in-sync and cristal clarinet's tone courtesy of Jorgensmann is a pure pleasure.
The music doesnt' have the edge ithat I remember from 6 years ago (then again, memory is a tricky thing), but the melodic compositions charm easily their way into your ears. When they swing, it's irresistible, when they wander into lyrical, melancholic meditations it seems they fall started earlier this year and tree's leaves are falling down on the ground. Trio's music is filled with finesse and lightness, even during the more heated moments.
And come to think of that, the revolution is over, but there are still stories to tell. This trio's is like like an old friend, they've been my New Thing and now this kind of music is like an every-day compannion. Can't surprise you that much, but still you got to like the good story.
There's a moment, in the last set of the evening when Theo hits high register and the band starts cooking. As if to let you know they've still got it. They just don't let off the steam as much. Don't need to. They're happy with a beautiful, peacefull sort of lullaby for the encore.

see them playing the material from the soon to be released cd:

Theo Jorgensmann - clarinet
Marcin Oles - double bass
Bartlomiej Brat Oles - drums

Harris Piano Jazz Bar. Krakow. 15.09.2012

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