Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy weekend at Krakow. Concerts, concerts, concerts!

It was only Sunday that Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival ended (I'm sorry I missed the Ames Room concert, heard it was great), they day after Rafal Mazur and Keir Neuringer finished their duo tour with Anna Kaluza at Literki (haven't missed it, heard it and it was great) and one would maybe think that holiday break was due but concerts and festivals keep coming so please pay attention and I'd like to wholeheartedly recommed to you these events (thursday can give you a small headache):

Thursday - Sunday
13th Silent Movie Festival - Kino Pod Baranami

Among the titles such classics as The Gabinet of Dr Caligari or Metropolis, as well as modern movies like The Artist. Among the groups  / musicians that will provide the music for the picture are DVA (the unique duo from Cech I wrote about this year on the occasion of their concert in Krakow). As well as a wide reppresentation of the alternative / experimental  / electronic / improvised scene in Poland such as SzaZa, Kristen, Levity, Paweł Szpura with Maciej Korba and many more. 

Thursday as well

Eddie Henderson & Tomek Grochot Quintet - Music Academy.

A start of the projects's tour and what I hope will be also a start of bigger series of events under the name of "Jazz in Academia". The band presents some of the most prominent figures of the young jazz scene in Poland such as piano player Dominik Wania, Max Mucha on bass, joined by the veteran sax player Maciek Sikala. 

Thursday again

Marcin Masecki will play "The art of the Fugue" by J. S. Bach and this event will take place at Bomba pub at around 20.30. Masecki's approach to classical music is quite unique and controversial at times but very much intriguing. 


A well-known pub have just relocated and celebrates its reopening with music. For this Sunday Matana Roberts will play and I've praised her doing it on the occasion of Warsaw Summer Jazz earlier this year, can't wait to hear more of her in Krakow.


After busy weekend, time to chill a bit. Come to Literki as soon as you finish listening to the Jazz Alchemist Radio playlist (and if you have to leave earlier I understand and forgive you - you can listen to it later on mixcloud). The Jam will be led again by Dominka Rusinowska, Slawek Pezda, Thomas Kolarczyk and Dominik Stankiewicz. Musician or listener, come and enjoy the evening. 

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