Monday, December 3, 2012

Jazz Alchemist Radio Archives 01.12.2008 with Nicole Mitchell,

Here's another one dug up from the archives for your enjoyment. The program aired on 1.12.2008. I was fresh after the Made in Chicago festival in Poznan which featured Nicole Mitchell's Indigo Trio among others. On the other hand, Szilard Mezei's trio as was only about to play in Krakow in the next week, so was Anthony Braxton's Sextet (the main event of that year's Autumn Festival).
Plus we celebrate birthday of Cassandra Wilson, Jaco Pastorious, Nino Rota.

1. Nicole itchell Black Eart Ensemble - Afrika Rising Trilogy II: Metamorphosis
2. Nicole Mitchell Indigo Trio - Thankfulness
3. Szilard Mezei Trio - Indulo (March)
4. Cassandra Wilson - Easy Rider
5. Anthony Braxton Parker Project - Bebop
6. Mike Reed Loose Assembly - Afterthoughts
7. Jaco Pastorious Big Band - Soul Intro / The Chicken
8. Anthony Braxton & Stewart Gilmor Duo - Kansas City Man Blues
9. Gioanni Tomasso Quintet - Il Padrino (Nino Rota)
10. Anthony Braxton Parker Project - A Night In Tunisia
11. Cassandra Wilson - I Want To Be Loved
12. Mikolaj Trzaska / Friis / Uuskyla - Scandal In the Forest

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