Saturday, December 22, 2012

SzaZaZe with Ola Bilinska at Cheder (20.12.)

I've only recently praised the wonderful duo SzaZa (playing the music along the animated movies by W. Sarewicz) and the duo, in its trio incarnation comes back to Krakow to play with the vocalist Olga Bilinska for a set of interpretations of traditional sephardic music.

But, easy to foresee given how unique and original the band's music is, the interpretations are far from traditional and venture smoothly into the hypnotic regions of electronic drones, multiinstrumental layers and mystery.

The acoustic instruments are dwelling in electronic enviroment. Loops and filters create an impression of multiplied sound, overwhelming and spacious. The music is minimal, peacefull and meditative.

The mbira and metalofon timbre merge softly and reverb in the air creating a dreamy landscape. Perfectly atuned to the cold peacefulness of the winter time outside.
In complete opposition to the pre-Christmas frenzy madness that's outside as well.
The end of the world scheduled for the day after did not take place so hopefully there will be many more chances to hear this music again.

SzaZaZe + Ola Bilinska
Ola Bilinska - voice, electronics, percussion
Pawel Szamburski - clarinet, bass clarinet, electronics, percussion
Pawel Zakrocki - violin, mbira, electronics
Hubert Zemler - metalofon, percussion

Cheder Cafe. Krakow. 20.12.2012

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