Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maciej "Korba" Cierlinski & Pawel Szpura play "Die Gezeichneten" at 13th Silent Movie Festival (6-9.12)

The second performance of the Silent Movie Festival that got my full attention was a Maciej Cierlinski and Pawel Szpura duo playing to the 
"Die Gezeichneten" by Carl Theodor Dreyer (Germany, 1922). The movie itself is dedicated to the Russian revolution, a gripping and disturbing portrayal of russian jews situation. Abused by the royal intrigue and victim to society's xenophobia. Caught right between the people's rage and secret police's manipulation.

The story builds up, noir and dense till the final massacre, fittingly portrayed musically by the duo, I was especially interested in seeing again Maciej "Korba" Cierlinski who blew my mind off on the occasion of Hera's concert during the Autumn Jazz Festival. Once again they range of sounds he manages to get out of the traditional hurdy gurdy instrument is awe-inspiring, hypnotic drones, psychodelic distortion, meditatative repetitions of the struck strings. The duo would follow and enhance the picture through the cycle of tension and release leading to the boiling and storming finale. Musicians chose to support the movie, rather than overtake it and they did so to the fullest.

Make sure you see them live if you get the chance. As for the movie, it comes easily recommended, although I'd suggest (regarding the same subject) you see first the "October" and "Battleshpip Potiomkin" which are even more powerfull.

Maciej Cierlinski - hurdy gurdy
Pawel Szpura - drums

"Die Gezeichneten" by Carl Theodor Dreyer (Germany, 1922)

Kino Pod Baranami. 13th Silent Movie Festival. Krakow. 09.12.2012

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