Monday, November 11, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 11-17.11

For those of you who are staing in / coming to Krakow this week (see the previous post) Krakow will keep you musically well-fed with a couple of intriguing concerts. Below are my suggestions.

11.11. Keir Neringer & Rafal Mazur at Bomba
Bomba celebrates it's birthday with a bang and this duo's chemistry will certainly honor the club's anniversary with their fiery and passionate dialogue.

13.11. Acoustic blues jam session at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
The charismatic Bartek Przytula with Krzysiek Pietras (piano) and Tomek Kruk (dobro guitar) will blues your evening away in a very pleasant way.

15.11. Marcin Masecki trio plays F. Haendel "Music on Water"  at Bomba 4th birthday party
Masecki's approach to classical music is very unorthodox and quite unique. One might suspect Bomba will be packed full for this occasion. The trio will be Masecki on upright piano, Jerzy Rogiewicz on drums and Piotr Domagalski on bass.

15.11. Trupa Trupa at Piekny Pies
I'm almost glad I'm in Wroclaw this friday as the friday selection in Krakow would split my head in two. Trupa Trupa plays rock, or maybe post-rock? Psychodelia, britpop, punk, minimalistic - all in there somewhere.

15.11. Paulina Bisztyga and Miss Understoon / Candice Gordon - Ladyfest at Alchemia
Part of the Ladyfest (Kobieca Transmisja). Ladies will sing, charm you and also rock your feet off. I do not know the Miss Undertstood and the theatrical/poetic music by Paulina Bisztyga is not my cup of tea, but the Candice Gordon's garage sound is spot on.

16.11. Obara International Quartet at Konfederacka 4
I've praised them enough on the occasion of their concert at Warsaw Summer Jazz Festival as well as for their superb debut cd. Konfederecka local will feed your body, you may rest assured your soul will be satisfied as well.

17.11. Mateusz Pałka Quartet
A quartet comprised of the jazz young and talented Szymon Mika on guitar , Alan Wykpisz and Patryk Dobosz in the rhythm section (known, among others, from High Definition quartet). Mainstream lovers should appreciate the band.

17.11. Adam Oleś Hurdu Trio at Alchemia
Adam Oleś is a cello player who explores the folk music of Silesia in many quite surprising ways. Meditative, peacefull and charming sounds.

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  1. Hej, jeszcze
    FOREST UNDERGROUND (Rob Mazurek / Kuba Suchar)
    14.11.13 Kraków, Klub Re


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