Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kraków Concert Schedule 24.11-01.12 / Jazz Juniors Festival in Krakow / Made in Chicago Festival in Poznan

Autumn jazz madness continues, plenty of concerts everywhere, but brace yourself, winter is coming. Meanwhile a bunch of concert suggestions for the next days.

24.11. Resonance at Manggha
Final concert of the Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival, with new long-form composition prepared by Ken Vandermark specially for the occasion. The week concerts with small combos were great (see previous posts) and the expectations for the grand finale are high as ever. (the concert starts at 7.00 pm)

24.11. Sympli Romantiko' at Polifonie Festival (Museum of Municipal Engineering)
Polifonie is a short festival dedicated to the visionary of theatre - Tadeusz Kantor. The program featured some stage and audio-visual performances of real interest to the lovers of strange sounds (due to offline problems I did not make it in time to announce Keir Neuringer and Rafal Mazur duo on 21.11). Sympli Romantiko' are Tomasz Choloniewski, Denis Kolokol and Ernest Ogorek who will try to answer together the question - can you touch sound? (the concert starts 10.00 pm which makes it possible catch both events tonight).

25.11. Free The Dance and Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla, Mikhael Szafirowski at Alchemia
26.11. Yedo Gibson, Vasco Trilla, Mikhael Szafirowski at Swieta Krowa 
Two performances with Yedo Gibson trio bring back to Krakow portugese drummer Vasco Trilla (had played extensively with Michal Dymny and other Krakow improvisers few months ago). First night with Paulina Owczarek and Free The Dance improvisers. Second night just the trio. Both evenings worthy of attention as the clip below can attest to.

26.11. Aga Zaryan at Klub Studio
Probably the most reknowned polish jazz singer, with her new project "Remembering Nina and Abbey". Elegant and classy as any jazz diva should be. 


27.11. Graal Trio at Piekny Pies
Antoni "Ziut" Gralak is one of the crucial figures in polish jazz underground avant-guarde of the 80's, especially with the cult formation Tie Break. Antoni would play with brass  ensemble Graal as often as flirt heavily with electronica drum'n'bass scene (YeShe project). Don't know which way will he go with the trio but Gralak's trumpet tone is always a pleasure to listen to.

27.11. Die Flote + Rycerzyki + Plug Doctors at Alchemia
For something completely different : an evening with Krakow's underground indie scene. Bit of post-rock, indie-pop and more music.


28.11 - 04.12. Jazz Juniors Festival in Krakow
A festival whose goal is to promote young jazz musicians. You can check the entire schedule at The festival's club is Rotunda (main concerts and contest for the young bands) and Harris Piano Jazz Bar (jam sessions). Strong reccomendation goes to:
28.11. Viktor Toth Trio with Maciej Obara 
29.11. Vojtech Prochazka Trio (actually, the band name's is Bergljot and they have moved a bith from acoustic jazz, through improvised music, into heavily electric playing)
30.11. Mikolaj Trzaska Sun Track (Inner Ear quartet with Steve Swell, Tim Daisy and Per-Ake Holmlander will paly Mikolaj's film music to Wojciech Smarzewski's movies).
The festival goes follows into the next week so there I'll feature the latter part of the schedule next week.

29.11 - 01.12 Made in Chicago Festival (Poznań)
A particularly important edition of the festival that brings to Poland such great artists like Nicole Mitchell, Roscoe Mitchell, Tatsu Aoki and many more crucial figures of the AACM and Chicago jazz scene. This year's program is dedicated to Wojciech Juszczak - festival's director, dear friend to many musicians and beautiful soul.
I'll dedicate a separate post to present the festival's schedule and I plan to report the festival on the blog (I just hope I'll get a day off in the office - keep the fingers crossed)

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