Sunday, November 3, 2013

Krakow Concert Shedule 04-10.11 / 2 night with Atomic at Pardon To Tu (Warsaw)

For something completety different (not that much really) Jazz Alchemist will visit Warsaw these days and I most whole-heartedly invite to you to Pardon To Tu for a special event

4-5.11 2 Night with Atomic at Pardon To Tu (Warsaw)
Possibly one of the best quintets around, with the traditional instrumental line-up (sax-trumpet-piano-bass-drums), one of the many to prove that Scandinavian jazz can be hot! During the event a special groups will be formed as well with polish musicians - Pawel Szpura, Pawel Postaremczak (both known from Hera band) and Warsaw resident Ray Dickaty plus guest from Denmark - Adam Pultz Melbye.

6.11 Jam Session at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
The quartet of Bartek Prucnal, Kuba Pluzek, Mike Parker and Dawid Fortuna became the sort of the venue band at Harris, middle week jam should be fun.

6-7.11 Melt Trio at Piec'ART
An interesting trio to melt together jazz, indie rock, ethno in order to create very alluring, climatic music.

08.11 Kumisolo at Alchemia
Care for something absolutely not jazz-related? How about some japanese electro-pop? Ifyou want to time-travel back to the 80s Kumisolo sounds perfect.

9.11 Piotr Wylezol and Slawek Jaskulke - Duodram at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Two of the Poland's premier jazz pianists in rare format of piano duo. Lovers of the instrument should be fully satisfied.

9.11 Ida Zalewska Trio at Piec'ART
A soulfull voice, piano (Kuba Pluzek) and guitar (Szymon Mika) will cover a selection of hundred years old blues material. Sound good ain't it?

10.11 Bartek Przytuła and Jurny at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
Bartek Przytuła got a reputation of a charismatic blues singer. A blues duo with a beatboxer must sound intriguing. Here's a more traditional setting:

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