Sunday, July 28, 2013

Krakow Concerts Schedule 29.07-04.08

Summer heat hit the streets with full force, here are some suggestions if you'd like to cool it down in the evenings.

30.07 NSI at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
a drumless quartet with Cyprian Baszczynski on trumpet, Bartek Prucnal on sax, Mike Parker on acoustic bass and Dawid Fortuna on drums won the last year Jazz Juniors Festival in Krakow, one of the group that testifies to the vitality of young Krakow mainstream jazz scene.

02.08 "Milosc" movie at Kino Pod Baranami
"Milosc" ("Love") is a documentary movie about a group that reppresents the yass revolution in polish jazz scene of the 90s. It is also a great portrait of a generation that began their mature lives in the post-communism era in Poland. A great movie, got awarded already on a couple of festivals, this will be another chance to see the movie in Krakow before it's official release.

03.08 Dobosz/Sliwa/Wykpisz Trio at Piec'ART
The trio consists of members of High Definition, without the piano of Piotr Orzechowski. It was created for the Patryk Dobosz bachelor degree recital, the musicians were satisfied enough with the results they decided to continue this project. Sax-bass-drums units are almost always fun, this one should be no difference.
since there are no trio materials on the web, the quartet video will have to suffice:

03.08 Fuku Lata concert and DJ set at Piekny Pies
The futuristic and psychodelic dance music by Fuku Lata, dense, hypnotic, slow grooves and surreal vocals - a perfect weekend-night choice.

OFF Festival nearby invites everyone for a long weekend filled with plenty of good music as well

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