Sunday, October 20, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule 21-27.10

Don't know how to spend the next few autumn evenings? Here are some tips:

20-21.10 Spinifex and Piotr Damasiewcz at Piec'ART
A double-night residency with Damas - one of the young forces in polish jazz (the leader, among the other projects, of Power of The Horns) and international Spinifex group - you can find the video in the previous weekly schedule.

22.10 Improwizje series - Laboratory of Intuition at Piękny Pies
Another installment of the improwizje series dedicated to the Krakow (and guests) improv scene with a sort of open-workshops band consisting of Paulina Owczarek (sax), Michal Dymny (guitar), Rafal Mazur (acoustic bass guitar) and Tomek Choloniewski (drums).

22.10 Picastro and Khora at Alchemia
Two indie groups from Tornonto, Canada. Pretty intriguing proposition, somehow of a melancholic autumn feel to the song below is very alluring.

23.10 Gaia Mattiuzzi and Franceco Cusa at Alchemia (Krakow Jazz Autumn Festival)
A special evening, part of the Krakow Autumn Jazz schedule, an intriguing voice-drums duo (a possible recreation of the most ancient musical ensemble there ever was?). Gaia Mattiuzzi cross the genres and she sings Monk, Cage, Mozart as well as improvises side by side with the likes of Evan Parker.

26.10 Silberman New Sextet at Harris Piano Jazz Bar
A quite intriguing line-up of double keys with Dorota Zabiablo on piano and Mateusz Gaweda on keyboard. Add to that double bass section (Piotr Poludniak on acoustic and Wojtek Gasior on electric bass), Slawek Pezda broad sax tone and Lukasz Stworzewicz on drums - if you're not at war with modern mainstream it sounds quite promising.

26.10 The King of Bees at Alchemia
An indie-folk-rock group. Refreshingly modest and care-free stage image, sense of humours in short, they seem like kinda cool guys.

27.10 Bester Quartet plays "The Golden Land" at Alchemia
Thanks to the acclaimed Tzadik label Bester Quartet is possibly one of the most well-known polish music bands outside the country's borders. Impeccable techique, passion and heart-felted music that draws on jewish heritage. Subtle, touching and sophisticated music.

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