Friday, October 18, 2013

Krakow Concert Schedule last minute update for 19.10

If you're still don't know what to do on Saturday evening or maybe you do know but would like some additional choices to make a conundrum:

19.10. Vetualani / Trzaska / Bzdyl - "Mind and Body" at Rotuna (Theatre Reminiscences Festival)
An unique event, a meeting, a conversation, a performance (I really don't know which one/s will it be). Jerzy Vetualni is a famed neurobiologist, readers of the blog know well Mikolaj Trzaksa and Leszek Bzdyl is a dancer/theatre director who collaborated on more than few occasions with him on his theatre plays. They will reflect on the connection of mind and body.

19.10 Szamburski i Pop at Bomba
Clarinet, drums, beat machines and more, two representats of Lado ABC independent label - Pawel Szamburski (Ircha Clarinet Quartet, Cukunft, SzaZa, Horny Trees) and Tomek Pop (Ed Wood, Hokei, Pictorial Candei) should create together an evening to remember. As no material of the particular duo was found on the web I present below the other Szamburski's project - SzaZa duo (with Patryk Zakrocki) and the music they prepared for (what a coincidence) Leszek Bzdyl's Dada Von Bzdulow dance theatre.

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